While the war in Ukraine is entering into a new phase, reconstruction efforts already started and the international community is preparing for a large scale investment programme for a post war period. While this will be a huge challenge, it also offers opportunities from a business perspective to help transforming Ukraine after the war. The economy keeps going and investment projects are being developed.  

The situation in Ukraine calls for going beyond maintaining the ‘survival mode’ and, in parallel, accelerating the groundwork for reconstruction. Reflecting on our work in Ukraine and discussions with many experts, Mazars has developed a perspective in our latest report “Partnering for Ukraine’s Reconstruction”. The report analysis the implications of the war on global markets, sheds light on Ukraine’s current economic situation, and provides guidance on the range of potential opportunities emerging from the reconstruction. It identifies three imperatives to consider as stakeholders to get ready to seize pertinent reconstruction opportunities: economics, collaboration and digitisation. Please find the report attached, we hope you find the insights useful.

Mazars continues working in and supporting Ukraine and its employees in the country. We work with businesses in Ukraine to assure the diligent financial reporting, paying taxes and supporting businesses in their human resources activities and therefore contributes to Ukraine’s economic resilience.

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