Are you thinking of Poland as a business opportunity? Start with Santander Trade –  

The Santander Group offers immense potential for enterprises and corporations on the lookout for international business opportunities.

We know that ambitious businesses want to grow internationally, that’s why we have a deep, holistic and tailored approach to help businesses with their growth ambitions.

Santander Trade, consisting of Trade Markets and Trade Club, is a digital platform which meets international expectations of companies and brings a powerful tool to use for all UK companies interested in expanding their trade or place investments with partners from other geographies. The platform covers global trade corridors and supports the activities of many companies around the world. Clients of Santander UK as well as Santander Bank Polska have access to unique solutions and modern functionalities within the frame of the Trade Club Alliance.

Technological and digital advances have transformed the way businesses sell their products. The volume of international transactions has increased significantly over the years, and this is largely attributable to digital platforms, consumer-oriented websites and social media. Santander Trade is an innovative, easy-to-navigate digital platform that is available to Santander Group clients and non-clients, though part of the site may be restricted to non-clients. Here in one place you’ll find market reports, gain insights into local legal environments and tax systems and through this, you can quickly identify the most attractive countries for your products and services.

The Santander Trade Club is part of the Trade Club Alliance (TCA) and is a service exclusive to Santander Group clients. A global community of importers and exporters use the Trade Club as a free online business-to-business social network designed exclusively around their needs. The club provides members access to clients from the other 13 banking groups of the TCA, leading to huge opportunities to connect with like-minded businesses and increase trade.

Through the Santander Trade Club you can connect and create business opportunities with businesses from across the Santander Group footprint and the TCA, and pitch products and services online without incurring the expense of travel and the time spent researching and locating interested parties.

Trade Club Alliance, going wider than the Santander global footprint was founded by Santander Group with a view to providing our clients with the widest coverage globally. It is a global network of bank groups aiming to make international trade simpler and better. We at Santander Bank Polska, offer an innovative digital platform, giving SMEs and corporate clients a wealth of relevant trade expertise and the opportunity to connect with trusted partners in new markets.

“The Trade Club Alliance’s value comes from its unique combination of technology, unparalleled reach and trusted relationships. It means, together, we can all play a vital strategic role in our clients’ sustainable business growth overseas” says Robert Fedorowicz, Community Manager in Santander Bank Polska.

Santander Group’s global and diverse community footprint covers the main international trade corridors and represents a wide variety of industry sectors. Whatever their background, we believe the best way to help our clients grow sustainably in Poland and other geographies is by working together and sharing our human expertise. That’s why we work with our clients as strategic partners, pro-actively matching them with like-minded trade opportunities at a pace that’s right for them. We’ve combined the power of people with the possibilities of technology in our unique digital platform.

The most important benefits offered by the Santander Trade platform:

  • Modern technology: the platform uses machine-learning technologies and cloud-based solutions, combining them with the most advanced competences in the field of social networking sites, comprehensive information and data resources and corporate banking consulting
  • Efficiency: the platform enables the acceleration of the exchange of goods and services by identifying optimal opportunities for business cooperation and simplifying the transaction process itself
  • Local Support: the banks belonging to the initiative established special teams of Local Support Experts who will advise entrepreneurs at all stages of export and import activities and offer alternative financial solutions
  • Market analysis: 25,000 market reports from 186 countries around the world
  • Commercial partners: 2,000 catalogues of entrepreneurs from 150 countries around the world, 40,000 fairs and 1,000,000 international tenders
  • Shipping management: databases from over 120 countries around the world that help to optimize customs procedures, costs and trade compliance for international shipping
  • Currency analysis: exchange rates for 147 currencies and monthly and weekly reports

Establishing a business abroad: focused and accurate information which help to establish a business in 182 countries worldwide

“Experts at Santander Bank Polska offer clients access to new markets, supporting them in the expansion of their business on an international scale in every single country in which the Santander group operates. Our support includes opening bank accounts, financing subsidiaries, issuing guarantees and many other services. In addition to granting access to the standard banking products on an international level, we also organise initiatives helping to find business partners. This includes trade- or meet-the-buyer missions, assistance in accessing business information and contacting law firms and accountants that cooperate with Santander Group” says Magdalena Kusa, head of UK/US corridor at Santander Bank Polska.

Santander Group is the only bank with an extensive retail network of branches across Poland and the UK. Santander Bank Polska is also the only bank in the EU to provide instant international real-time transfers to the UK, with a maximum transaction amount of £20,000 (known as One Pay FX)

Santander Bank Polska helps UK and international clients in:

  • initial formalities related to opening bank accounts across the EU
  • obtaining funding and using credit lines of the parent company in other countries where the Santander Group operates