On Friday (21.05.2021) at 14:00 in Plac Solny in Wrocław, as part of the opening event of the first perovskite factory in the world Saule Technologies, the Green Transformation Charter developed by the Carbon Footprint Foundation saw the light of day.


Bearing in mind the global consensus of experts in the field of environmental protection and natural sciences, which clearly indicates that climate change is the result of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, we consciously engage in efforts to mitigate climate change. These provisions are intended to set goals and indicate directions, while the selection of a strategy and means of its implementation is up to each entity.

In our postulates, we consider the equality of three pillars – science, business and activism – which guide society towards environmentally conscious development. We know that Green Transformation is a joint effort for the benefit of our planet, made by innovators, activists and entrepreneurs who work every day to implement innovations that affect the local and global community. Their attitude shows that ecology pays off – both in terms ofbusiness development and in the context of the common good of employees, consumers, and recipients.

Therefore, we, as innovators, activists and entrepreneurs, aware of the scale of our activities not only in terms of the impact on economic and social development but also on the natural environment and greenhouse gas emissions, join the challenge of mitigating climate change. We believe that the actions we engage in under this Charter are the beginning of a significant change and should be implemented as soon as possible. The climate crisis is an indisputable fact, and preventing it and sustainable adaptation to the changes that have already occurred is our duty to all stakeholders, the planet and the next generations. We do not treat the climate crisis as a set of problems at the individual human level but as a list of challenges addressed to the largest emitters, including companies. Therefore, we take full responsibility for our impact on the climate and the use of the Earth’s resources, and we commit ourselves to take care of the shared environment.


Being aware of our impact on the natural environment and climate, we oblige to take all actions within our capabilities to achieve climate neutrality, understood as the maximum reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, thanks to the use of innovations in business and technology, as soon as possible. We are aware that we will always have an impact on the environment because we are an active part of the ecosystem. Still, we believe that every step towards neutralizing this impact is essential.


We are committed to developing an action strategy for the upcoming year and the following 10 and 30 years that will allow us to achieve the goal specified above. The strategy is to take into account current problems and the perspective of future generations. We declare that the strategic plan and information on its implementation will be public, i.e., open accessed, reported, and widely communicated.


Our operations are related not only to the economic growth and development of the European economy but also to the environmentally and socially responsible allocation of resources. We are aware that, as business representatives, we have the ability and competence to minimize the impact on the climate; therefore, we oblige to undertake actions that will not throw the responsibility on the human being as an individual who has less power in decision-making and resources.


We are committed to developing rules for analyzing our own processes in terms of their environmental impact, taking into account the carbon footprint as the universal indicator formeasuring the impact of business on the natural environment and climate. We will use this knowledge to develop and improve our services and products.


As leaders, we are committed to setting growth paths based on the environmental pillar of sustainability, inspiring others to follow in our footsteps.


We are committed to nurturing the environmental awareness of our employees and stakeholders and engaging them in achieving the objectives of this Charter.


We declare that we will responsibly select our future partners, paying particular attention to their emissivity. We commit ourselves to set specific requirements for them in the spirit of the postulates of this Charter.


Being aware of our capabilities, we commit ourselves to take active actions to eliminate ecological exclusion, including energy poverty. We believe that business is an essential factor in creating an equitable future.


We declare to support initiatives to improve the natural environment and mitigate climate change through cooperation with non-governmental organizations, activists and representatives of the world of science.


There is no development without science. Aware of the role of scientists and the need to support their voice in the public debate, we commit ourselves to act in line with the current position of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and other recognized experts in the field of environmental protection.

Simultaneously with the signing of the Green Transformation Charter, the parties shall guarantee to prepare a detailed list of commitments and a strategic plan for the upcoming year, which will be the beginning of the way to achieving the above-mentioned goals.