We are pleased to announce that we have taken patronage over the latest initiative of the economic intelligence agency, Verificators. It includes a practical guide on methods of obtaining key information about foreign companies. The first e-book from the series ‘How to Check a Company from Eastern Europe’ focuses on the verification process of potential business partners, especially from areas such as Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Georgia.

The concept of creating this guide emerged from the experiences of Verificators resulting from their collaboration with entrepreneurs. Their goal is to raise awareness regarding the risks associated with improper business relationships. In the context of the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine, the importance of verifying potential contractors is even more crucial. The main reason is the penalties imposed on companies collaborating with entities subject to sanctions.

We invite you to download the guide and expand your knowledge on this topic. Next month, we can expect another guide from the series ‘How to Check a Company from…’ covering Central European countries.

The guide is in the form of an e-book. It is entirely free and available for download on the website https://verificators.com/ebook/.