In Poznań, at the headquarters of Grant Thornton Frąckowiak, a business breakfast took place focusing on optimizing supply chain transactions and effective recovery of foreign taxes. The main aim of the meeting was to discuss key aspects of efficient financial management for companies operating in the global market. The first part of the meeting, led by Maciej Hadas, Partner and Tax Advisor at Grant Thornton, focused on supply chain transactions in the context of VAT. The definition of supply chain transactions and the differences between movable and immovable transactions were discussed. Additionally, the topic of simplified tripartite transactions was addressed, with practical examples presented and the challenges and risks associated with this type of transaction discussed. In the second part of the meeting, led by Marcin Piotrowski, Managing Director at CASH BACK POLSKA (VATIT Group), the focus was on the effective recovery of foreign VAT. The essence of foreign VAT and the reasons why not all companies recover this tax were discussed. A simple VAT recovery process was also presented, highlighting the significant amounts that companies can potentially recover.