Dryvit, an expert in insulation systems and facade materials, launches new products – prefabricated, flexible, decorative panels called PanelFlex. The new solution is intended for outdoor use as part of the building’s external wall insulation system (ETICS). It gives an attractive visual effect through repeated linear patterns (grooves) or patterns resembling the wood structure.

The prefabricated and flexible PanelFlex panels are intended for outdoor use as part of Dryvit ETICS systems. Made of cement-free plaster mass and reinforced with glass fibre mesh, they have proper resistance to mechanical damage. The new technology enables quick installation by glueing the panels to the substrate, i.e. the reinforced layer of the façade insulation system.

After installation, the panels should be protected by painting with façade paint, or stain or using a primer and plaster in an appropriate shade. High-quality Dryvit façade materials recommended by the manufacturer allow for obtaining durable and UV-resistant colours.

PanelFlex technology allows for the creation of diverse and repeatable aesthetic effects. The available variants include linear patterns in the form of grooves – PanelFlex Linear, and patterns resembling wood grain – PanelFlex Wood. The inspiration for this material was taken from nature, each façade panel is created by reproducing the cross-section of various types of wooden boards.

In the case of PanelFlex Linear, the one with a linear pattern, the dimensions of the finished panel are, depending on the pattern, from 20 to 22 cm wide, 2 m long and approx. 5 mm thick. The prefabricated PanelFlex Wood panels are available in a width of 16 cm, a length of 2 m and a thickness of approx. 1.6 mm. In addition to the basic designs, special designs are also available upon request.

The most important benefits of using our new solution are quick assembly and wide possibilities of free design. We offer various types of repeatable patterns – linear and with a wood effect. The new product’s name – PanelFlex refers to the flexibility and versatility of its applications. The panels are perfect for the façade of single- or multi-family residential buildings, and also public facilities. The panels with a linear pattern can be painted with facade paint in a contrasting shade to create a distinctive accent, and when covered with decorative plaster, their grooved structure will give it a subtle diversification,” – said Marta Wysocka, Product & Specification Manager in Dryvit Systems USA (Europe).

New PanelFlex Linear and PanelFlex Wood products, recommended for use in Dryvit ETICS systems, are available for sale through the brand’s distributor network. When choosing a façade solution, it is worth using the support and technical advice of experts in Dryvit insulation systems and facade materials.


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