Our mission

The BPCC’s mission has been defined as “serving the interests of BPCC members by supporting two-way trade and investment between Poland and the UK; providing a platform for members to engage in a dialogue with policy makers with the goal of improving ease of doing business in Poland; and to become one of the most influential and efficient business organisations in Poland”.

The BPCC’s overall goals:

  • Deliver efficient business networking to enable know-how sharing and promote investment opportunities between members; ensure access to practical know-how on how to enter the Polish market for businesses from UK.
  • Build the BPCC’s reputation among policy makers: BPCC to become an important business voice, consulted and listened to when public policies are made.
  • Expand the membership base by providing a compelling offer for members and raising visibility of BPCC activities.


  • Facilitating the development of our members’ business interests
  • Working to increase the value of bilateral trade flows between the UK and Poland
  • Highlighting potential opportunities the Polish market has to offer for UK firms, highlighting potential opportunities the UK market has to offer for Polish firms
  • Promoting Poland to inward investment from the UK; promoting the UK to inward investment from Poland
  • Raising the profile of British business in Poland; raising the profile of Polish business in the UK
  • Fostering strong relationships with relevant government and business bodies in Poland and Britain in order to promote bilateral business
  • Creating a platform for dialogue between members and the Polish public sector, sharing UK best practice in governance through policy groups
  • Creating networking and business opportunities for members
  • Providing high quality business insight, preferential purchase schemes and other services, which bring measurable value to members
  • Serving as a catalyst for developing sustainable international partnerships
  • Promoting the benefits of UK-Polish economic relations to the general public through the media
  • Building a financially and operationally sustainable model for the development of the Chamber


  • The Chamber strives to offer the best in British-Polish business relations.
  • The Board and Executive Team are committed to delivering solutions-oriented activities, focused on outcomes, demonstrating a common-sense approach to their work and willingness to efficiently serve the members
  • Flexible, teamwork approach, close cooperation, strong internal and external communication, commitment to members, clients and stakeholders; hard work ethos.

Code of conduct:

All BPCC board and executive team members will act in a professional manner at all times.
  • All board and executive team members will treat both fellow team members, BPCC members, and other stakeholders with mutual respect and courtesy at all times.
  • All board and executive team members have a duty to represent and promote the BPCC brand at all times, and always to work in the BPCC’s best interests.
  • All board and executive team members are expected to work to support the development and success of the BPCC at all times.
  • All board and executive team members are expected to cooperate with and support the activities across all the BPCC teams/groups when required to do so.
  • Positive attitudes and positive solutions to day-to-day business issues are required from all board and executive team members at all times.
  • All board and executive team members are required to communicate clearly with fellow team members for the benefit of group activities, using appropriate mechanisms.