The International Mediation Centre constitutes a platform for out-of-court dispute resolution, which is available for all entrepreneurs especially members of the International Chambers of Commerce in Poland. The International Mediation Centre’s objectives are to facilitate conducting a business activity in Poland, including assistance in out-of-court commercial dispute resolution and the introduction and promotion of the best standards related to out-of-court commercial dispute resolution.

Initiators of this venture are the International Chambers of Commerce and Ewelina Stobiecka, PhD, who is a mediator, a lawyer and the Managing Partner in TaylorWessing e|n|w|c in Warsaw and the Coordinator of the International Mediation Centre.

The declaration of establishment of the International Mediation Centre was signed by the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce, the French Chamber of Commerce, the Polish-Spanish Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Poland, as well as the Belgian Chamber of Commerce. The project is also supported by the Ministry of Economy. Partner of the International Mediation Centre is Lower Silesian Chamber of Commerce.

The International Mediation Centre is unique in that it provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to conduct mediation in numerous languages both on a local and international level; a list of mediators has been created and is continuously being updated. The mediators are experts in particular industries, who conduct mediation in various languages and have the theoretical background and practical experience, as well as extensive knowledge of cultural context.

What you should know about mediation?

  • Mediation is the alternative method of commercial dispute resolution for court and arbitration proceedings;

  • Mediation is cheaper, faster and is more effective method of dispute resolution;

  • Mediation very often allows to solve a dispute allowing businesses to remain as partners, since in mediation as opposed to court proceeding the parties are not “adversaries” but “partners” who seek an amicable agreement;

  • The result reached through mediation must be satisfactory for both parties – it is classic win-win situation;

  • The ability to reach agreement through mediation is also a sign of the best business standards.


How it works?


Step 1

Tell us about your business issue before you go to court: contact the International Mediation Centre Coordinator
If the case is already in court, describe the current stage to us and we will help you to transfer it from court to the International Mediation Centre.

Step 2
We will contact you and/or meet in order to discuss the issue and the strategy.

Step 3
We will contact you and your adversary in order to present the opportunity to resolve your dispute through mediation.

Step 4
The Mediation proceeding.
Our mediator will conduct the mediation proceeding in a professional and acceptable manner to acknowledge and respect the interests of all parties, offer the most suitable method and will finally conduct the appropriate sessions: common and/or individual. A mediator will the conduct proceeding in the most time and cost effective manner, meeting the needs and expectations of both parties.

Step 5
We will help you to approve the agreement reached through mediation in court so as the agreement will be a court binding decision and constitute the enforcement title.


The relevant representative of the Chamber or the International Mediation Centre Coordinator will answer all your queries and concerns related to mediation, its course and conditions.

Dr Ewelina Stobiecka
Tel: +48 22 584 97 40
Tel. +48 669 73 79 79

Contact person in BPCC:
Jakub Piegat
Media Manager


  • Statute of the International Mediation Centre (EN)

  • Regulations of the International Mediation Centre Council’s work (EN)

  • Terms and conditions of a mediation proceeding at the International Mediation Centre with a price list (EN)

  • Mediators List

  • Information for mediators (EN)

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