Sector focus

Real Estate and Construction

Real Estate & Construction sector meetings bring together members with an interest in property – investors, developers, architects, contractors, facilities managers and consultants. Meetings focus on issues around the regulatory environment for the sector, as well as sharing state-of-trade insights between members. Through these meetings, BPCC members also promote green building, sustainability and BIM.


ESG has become mainstream business practice; firms’ interactions with the social and natural environment and their ethical behaviour are of paramount importance. Embracing green transformation, reducing firms’ carbon footprint, the BPCC’s work in ESG centres on sharing best practices in sustainability and corporate governance between members. Meetings serve to discuss sustainable supply chains, renewable energy, waste management, as well as social issues such as diversity and inclusivity. Representatives of government, regulators and local authorities are often invited.

Tax and Finance

Tax & Finance meetings focus on deregulation, taxes and social security. The aim is to help improve the tax system, targeting barriers to investment, business growth and employment. Making tax payment simpler and improving Poland’s business environment have always been priorities for the BPCC. Green finance and sustainable investment have become increasingly important issues for BPCC members.


Healthcare concerns not only the pharma sector and healthcare providers. Corporate health insurance is crucial to all employers. Issues discussed at BPCC sector meetings include health-tech, clinical trials, personalised medicine, coordinated care, healthy ageing and private healthcare. Public-sector experts are often invited; innovative, effective healthcare is the policy goal.

Human Resources

Covering all sectors – and equally crucial to all – Human Resources meetings serve as a platform to discuss employment policy and labour law in Poland, drawing on global best practice. As a forum for dialogue between BPCC members and the public sector, meetings often include representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, regional or local labour offices, regulators and other officials. The group also focuses on vocational education, coaching, leadership, assessment and staff retention, as well as challenges created by the pandemic such as optimising hybrid work.


Tech has become big business in Poland, as native startups and inbound tech hubs compete for IT talent. Regulatory issues affect firms across all sectors touched by technology – intellectual property, cloud computing, blockchain, e-marketing, the Digital Single Market, data protection. Meetings focus on issues concerning tech firms and their corporate clients.

Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing Industries remain a crucial part of the Polish economy; Poland is an attractive location for production. Meetings take place to discuss issues common to all manufacturers, such as energy costs, environmental protection, automation, supply chain, and skills/vocational training. Meetings typically take place in members’ factories.

Public Procurement

Public Procurement is an area fraught with difficulties for British firms present in Poland; procedures and culture differ widely to that found in the UK. Yet public projects can offer continuity of business at times of slow economic growth. BPCC meetings, often engaging with government officials, focus on improving the quality of Poland’s public procurement process. UK experiences can offer valuable lessons resulting in better value for taxpayers’ money.