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April 2024
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23 April 2024


11:00 - 12:00



Tax & finance Starting business in Poland 2024


Are you considering investing in Poland or registering a company or branch in Poland? Join us for a webinar on “Starting a Business in Poland 2024,” tailored for entrepreneurs and investors eager to establish their presence in the thriving Polish market and discover why Poland is the best place to start a business.

Starting business in Poland – why Poland?

Poland stands out as a highly sought-after business destination in Europe. Its strategic central position, appealing labor market, and favorable conditions for international investors are among the advantages offered to entrepreneurs establishing their ventures in the country. Discover why Poland is the best place to start a business.

During the webinar we will discuss the below topics.
Company formation in Poland – Business Forms in Poland
  • Explore company formation options in Poland such as Limited Liability Company, Branch Office, and Shelf Company.
  • Learn about business registration in Poland and essential steps like UBO Registration (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) and opening a Bank Account.

Doing business in Poland – essential facts about running a company in Poland

Accounting in Poland

  • Understand accounting regulations and ensure compliance with Accounting Records and Statutory Reporting requirements.
  • Gain insights into the audit obligation for businesses operating in Poland.

Taxation and VAT registration in Poland

  • Navigate through main tax burdens in Poland including CIT, VAT, and PIT.
  • Understand Tax on Civil Law Transactions and leverage incentives like the IP Box and R&D Tax Relief.

Hiring employees

  • Explore Employment and Legal Residence procedures for running a company in Poland.

This webinar intends to equip you with complex knowledge regarding all aspects of starting a business in Poland, such as:

  • Comprehensive understanding of legal requirements for business in Poland
  • Insight into Polish business culture and effective Polish market entry strategy
  • Practical guidance on setting up a company in Warsaw and VAT registration in Poland

• Anna Szczerba, Director of the Company Law Department, TGC Corporate Lawyers
• Marta Cyganik, Branch Director, Accounting, Crowe Poland
• Agata Nieżychowska, Tax Director, Crowe Poland