The seminar, held in Opole on 25 October and repeated in Legnica on 26 October, dived deep into Sustainable Development: Organizational and Product Carbon Footprint. Hosted by the British Polish Chamber of Commerce,  Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone Invest-Park and Legnica Special Economic Zone, in collaboration with Redshaw Advisors, TGC Corporate Lawyers and Starzyk Group, the event provided an detailed exploration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

It navigated through the evolving landscape of ESG reporting, stressing compliance, and the shifting reporting obligations within the current regulatory framework. Discussions on greenhouse gas emission calculations, climate objectives for achieving net-zero emissions, and the distinctive scopes of emissions were essential highlights. The seminar’s practical illustrations demystified organisational and product carbon footprint calculations, providing tangible implementation insights. Addressing carbon footprint management, the event outlined short and long-term strategies crucial for holistic ESG reporting in sustainable development. Delving into greenwashing risks and mitigation strategies, the seminar also elucidated the significance of emission compensation, offsetting purchases, and carbon neutrality certification, offering practical insights for emissions mitigation and sustainable practices. In essence, the event served as a platform for comprehensive discussions, fostering an understanding of the legal, calculative, and strategic dimensions of ESG. Attendees left with valuable insights to implement sustainable initiatives in their organisational framework.