In July 2022, Bilfinger Tebodin took part in the celebration of Polfa Tarchomin S.A. (TZF Polfa SA) first most important stage of construction of their new drug factory. The future oncological R&D center is designed for the development and production, among others of highly potent, oncological drug products in Warsaw, Poland. It is the largest-scale investment of TZF Polfa SA. in their almost 200 y.o. history. Bilfinger Tebodin supports Polfa with a professional EPCM service to make this project work.

Robert Chabros, Project Manager, Polfa Tarchomin SA says: “Completion of raw state works is a special time for every investment, as it makes us less dependant on main external factors. However, new challenges arise afterwards, like a need for a proper coordination of design works, internal and installation works. With the continued support of Bilfinger Tebodin, we believe that these challenges will be properly managed”.

The new center will be the first factory of this type in Poland and in Europe. In the building with an area of 12,000 m² of GBL, several hundred specialists will find a workplace. The launch of the center is planned for 2023.

Despite the prestige and size of our New Center for Research and Development of Sterile Forms, problems with supply and supply chains, intertwined with design difficulties, confirmed that the crisis severely affects construction projects, regardless of their parameters. The challenges we’ve encountered confirmed the company’s belief that in uncertain times it is worth having certain business partners. For us, they are Budimex and our substitute investor Bilfinger Tebodin”, says Robert Chabros.

Bilfinger provides a number of references for the implementation of industrial facilities from the pharmaceutical sector, and therefore Polfa has trusted our specialists and the brand.

Among other services, we are responsible for project planning and coordination. At the moment one of the challenges in front of us is to synchronize the construction schedule with the assembly schedule of over 200 items of process equipment.

The building of the new freeze drying department, highly potent drug production and R&D laboratory with equipment for TZF Polfa is an interesting project for me and I think also for the whole team due to the specifics of the pharmaceutical industry. It results from the need to meet strict technical requirements for the so-called clean areas used in the drug production process. In addition, the entire production process must meet the standards set by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)”, says Wiesław Burczenik, Project Manager at Bilfinger Tebodin.

Wojciech Fleming, Deputy Project Manager at Bilfinger Tebodin adds: “Each contract has its own specifics and level of complexity. I would classify this project as one of the most demanding due to installation capacity, and also attracting a great public interest. Our team had to implement both worldwide and Polish standards for a pharmaceutical facility, along with the principles of pharmaceutical supervision in the European Union.”

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