The Kostomłoty wind warm went into operation in October 2022. As a contract engineer, Bilfinger Tebodin is proud to contribute to the overall project management, coordination and technical supervision of this new sustainable energy source on the South-West of Poland.

The investment was performed by Polenergia – the largest Polish private energy group. Operating across the countries in Central Europe, the company supports transition to clean and renewable energy sources. Bilfinger Tebodin was a contract engineer in the scope of implementation of works, also coordinating the works of the General Contractor on site.

Project insights

The construction began in April 2021 and ended in October 2022 with a concession for electricity generation. The wind farms are fully operational now. Bilfinger Tebodin performed a function of the owner’s engineer, providing the overall project management, coordination and technical supervision, including investor supervision over the implementation of the investment and technical consulting services. For the Kostomłoty wind farm, engineers used V136 – 3 MW type of turbines from Vestas. The investment consists of nine wind turbines with a total capacity of 27 MW. These are one of the most modern and at the same time the largest wind turbines in Poland. Having long-lasting relationship with Polenergia, we have successfully completed several projects together, including a number of other wind farms, a biomass plant and solar power plants.

Wind projects specifics

What matters for wind energy projects is good utilities connection to ensure the efficient energy transfer. Bilfinger Tebodin participated in verifying the correctness of the preparation of detailed designs of layout for foundations for nine wind turbines and whole system of internal roads with assembly yards, and exits from commune and district roads.

Although the wind farm projects are usually typical, each case is unique due to its location, capacity and size. It is only the precise management and experienced team that may help in overcoming the challenges, which inevitably occur. We are happy to successfully cooperate with Polenergia again and taking part in construction of this new green energy source”, says Katarzyna Pracka, Project Manager at Bilfinger Tebodin.

The wind farm boom has begun in Poland in 2007. Numerous projects were starting until 2015 when the changes in legislation had limited the construction of new wind farms. Taking into account the growing importance of the use of renewable energy sources and advantages, they bring to environment and local communities, such green projects as Kostomłoty wind farm are significant and useful now and in future.

The estimated annual production of clean and green energy will be 87 GWh, which corresponds to the annual electricity demand of 43.5 thousand households. This means that all residents of the Kostomłoty Commune and neighboring municipalities in their entirety could be powered by clean wind energy. The investment in Kostomłoty is really changing the Polish energy market and developing a zero-emission economy fully based on green energy sources”, adds Tomasz Brzeski, Project Manager at Polenergia.