Tremco CPG Poland, CPG Europe’s office in Poland, became a member of the Polish Green Building Council PLGBC. Participation in the works of this organization is part of the company’s commitment to protection of health and natural environment by promoting sustainable development in construction industry.

The Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC) is a non-government organization that, since 2008, has been implementing the mission of radically improving the design, construction and operating of buildings in Poland so that sustainable construction becomes the norm. It is part of a global community of 70 organizations affiliated with the World Green Building Council.

Tremco CPG Poland is the Polish office of CPG Europe – the regional branch of RPM International Inc., which is an umbrella for the leading construction product brands in Europe, such as illbruck, Flowcrete, Nullifire, Tremco, Vandex, Dryvit, and Nudura.

World-class construction product solutions delivered by CPG Europe include, among others, seamless resin flooring, car parking structures, solutions for balconies, podia, and terraces, window installation solutions, Exterior Insulation & Finishing Systems (EIFS), wall construction and roofing systems, sealing products for façade construction, structural and in-plant glazing solutions, subfloor preparation systems, solutions for potable and wastewater industries, and also for basements and foundations, fire stopping solutions and intumescent coatings. With these materials in use, buildings and structures become more durable, versatile, and energy-efficient, which is the core of sustainable development.

The membership of Tremco CPG Poland in the Polish Green Building Association is important for us, as sustainable development is one of the values at the foundation of our company. We constantly set new goals in this area and develop innovative technologies. Examples include low-emission resin flooring with Indoor Air Comfort® Gold certification, innovative solutions by illbruck for bonding and sealing window, door, and facade joints, applied in energy-saving and passive buildings, or Nudura systems for the construction of walls with polystyrene, of which 100% can be recycled. With the participation in the PLGBC, we have wider opportunities to exchange knowledge, and experience and to promote good practices in the green construction,” – said Barbara Radziwon, Managing Director of CPG Eastern Europe.

Tremco CPG Poland is also constantly introducing solutions that reduce the impact of its activities on the environment. Global goals for RPM International Inc. in this regard include: reducing waste by 4% per ton of production per year, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 11% per ton of production per year, and reducing the amount of energy used by 5% per year of production, by 2025, with the calendar year 2020 as a baseline, as well as introducing solutions for water consumption reduction.