The BPCC event, entitled Sustainable Development: The Carbon Footprint of the Organisation and the Product, took place in Wrocław on 15 March 2023. It proved so popular that it had to be held twice in one day, with over 60 participants taking part. The meeting was opened by the BPCC’s director for Western Poland, Ilona Chodorowska, and Jakub Hiterski from Redshow Advisers. Artur Rogozik and Michał Frąckowiak from TGC Corporate Lawyers explained the legal basis for the reporting of ESG targets, explaining the reporting obligations that will apply to firms in 2023 and subsequent years, and sanctions for non-compliance. Dr Krzysztof Starzyk, from the Starzyk Group, a long-term practitioner and expert, presented the methodology of calculating the carbon footprint of an organisation and a product in practice, dispelling many myths about the difficulty of this process. A presentation by Jakub Hiterski and Karol Piórkowski from Redshaw Advisers discussed in detail how carbon offsetting works in practice.

The Q&A session ending the meeting raised many questions regarding issues such as sustainable development, ESG reporting, calculating the carbon footprint of each organisation and product, and the possibility of offsetting emissions.