Flowcrete brand, the leading expert in resin floors, introduces changes to its fast-curing resin floors range. The portfolio of systems based on methacrylic resins (MMA) has been developed under the well-known and proven brand of Flowcrete, i.e. Flowfast. It comprises five unique flooring systems, responding to various conditions of use. The systems meet all the most important needs in those areas of application where, apart from functionality, rapid installation is most important.

Flowfast fast-curing range comprises unique and complementary flooring systems that respond to specific areas of application. CPG Europe’s offer includes both broadcasted (scattered) systems – based on pigmented or natural quartz sands, with a coloured top coating, a trowel-applied system and a decorative system – with flakes. All these floors are recommended whenever there is very little time to install new or replace or renovate an existing floor. When applied at approximately +20°C, one can walk on these flooring systems just one hour after their application.

Broadcast systems:

Flowfast BC is a hard-wearing, decorative MMA resin floor finish made up of coloured stable quartz granules encapsulated in a clear acrylic resin binder. The flooring solution is dedicated to dry and wet conditions. It withstands a variety of traffic conditions thus can be applied in such environments as workshops, food, paper and automotive industries, and also in large commercial facilities. Instead of pigmented sand, one can also use natural-coloured quartz sand with a pigmented methacrylic resin top layer for a surface in uniform colour.

Flowfast BC Kitchen is the equivalent of Flowfast BC for industrial kitchens. The flooring system has been developed for the conditions in environments, where the floor is subject to moisture and hot water spillages.

Trowel-applied systems:

Flowfast TR is a wear-resistant and fast cure MMA floor with a robust decorative quartz finish. This hard-wearing system withstands medium to heavy load traffic conditions, in particular, can be applied in bakeries, industrial kitchens, breweries and production plants.

Flowfast HIMEC is a non-slip, seamless, decorative heavy-duty MMA resin floor. The system, based on pigmented quartz sand and clear methacrylic resin, has high resistance to a variety of traffic conditions. It can be used in both interior and exterior applications, including balconies, terraces, freezing rooms, loading ramps and ferry decks.

Decorative systems:

Flowfast Terrosso, like other floors from the Flowfast range, is based on a clear, fast-curing methacrylic resin with a mix of coloured flakes. The system offers almost unlimited possibilities for creating patterns and colour combinations. The flooring solution is designed, among others, for public facilities where the floor is subject to heavy pedestrian traffic, such as shops, company showrooms, shopping malls, restaurants, florists and garden centres, schools, airports, hospitals, stadiums and production plants.





Changes in the portfolio of Flowcrete’s fast-curing floors are in line with CPG Europe’s long-term strategy, which is based on providing reliable, trusted and consistent solutions for the construction industry and comprehensive support for investment projects. The same standard naming of flooring systems based on fast-curing resins under the Flowfast brand by Flowcrete has been introduced throughout Europe.