Russia is waging a barbaric war in Ukraine. The whole world is holding its breath at the determination of the Ukrainian people. We are in admiration of the courage of the authorities and the Ukrainian soldiers, and watch with attention and respect the efforts that have already begun to rebuild the country and the cities and businesses that have been destroyed. As sympathetic Poles to our Ukrainian sisters and brothers, but also as competent advisors, lawyers serving global business in Poland and around the world, we have decided to join these efforts and assist Ukrainian businesses in their efforts to rebuild the infrastructure and the destroyed market in Ukraine, but also to assist with their business relocation decisions and efforts to finance necessary projects.

As a sign of our new strategy and solidarity with Ukraine, we have decided to establish a Ukrainian Practice (Ukrainian Desk).

We have been recruiting lawyers and advisors from Ukraine for over a month, and recently decided to invite our first Ukrainian Partner, Advocate Markiyan Malskyy, PhD, DSc in Law, to join our Firm.

Markiyan will lead the Ukrainian Practice / Ukrainian Desk, but also, as a respected international arbitrator and practitioner, will join the work of our renowned International Disputes and Arbitration Practice led by Marek Jeżewski, PhD.

Markiyan is a renowned expert in international commercial and investment arbitration. Prior to joining Kochański & Partners, he led the international dispute resolution practice at Arzinger, one of Ukraine’s largest law firms, for over 15 years, heading its Western Ukrainian branch office in Lviv.

He has extensive experience in managing litigation processes for the resolution of corporate, contractual, sales and services, real estate development, financing and real estate trade disputes in the construction sector, as well as leading projects in the mergers and acquisitions practice. He has been involved in the resolution of over 300 disputes, including under the ICSID, ICC, SCC, UNCITRAL, LCIA, VIAC, FAI, VCCA and ICAC (Kyiv) rules.

Markiyan is also socially engaged. In 2019, the President of Ukraine appointed him to serve as the Governor of the Lviv Region, and currently he serves as the Honorary Consul of Austria in Lviv. He has authored 4 books, and more than 350 scientific papers, articles and commentaries. He is regularly appointed as an arbitrator and recommended in several international rankings and, above all, by major arbitration institutions.

“After the horrific Russian aggression in Ukraine, we immediately joined in helping Ukrainians coming to Poland, advising them on legal, formal, organisational and other issues. Like a large part of Polish society, we have also undertaken extensive charitable activities, including representation and pro bono assistance. We actively support our Ukrainian clients and their businesses affected by the war. At this dramatic time, we are supporting Ukrainian business, acting with the hope that Ukraine will rebuild quickly now, and continue after the war is over. Markiyan’s professional experience, versatility, network of global contacts, professional and social activity in Ukraine, personal qualities, including extraordinary intelligence, never ending good humour, courage and determination to achieve his goals make him a role model for us and a foundation for our goals and our Ukrainian mission,” stresses Piotr Kochanski, Managing Partner.

“I am delighted to join Kochański & Partners, one of the leading Polish law firms as in such way I may combine my personal Ukrainian dreams and ambitions with my professional missions. I hope I will be able to contribute widely and effectively to the further rebuilding and stimulating the re-development of my beloved Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Desk at Kochanski & Partners is acting dynamically and decisively and I hope with Piotr Kochański and all our Partners in my new Law Firm home, we will achieve much and be able to do so relatively quickly for the benefit of my country.

Acting decisively with all those demonstrating their openness and willingness to contribute towards Ukraine and Ukrainian Businesses, and in line with the firm’s main value, “We Work With Those Who Want To Change The World For The Better”, we primarily focus on the infrastructural, residential and commercial reconstruction of Ukraine, helping EU and US based companies in forthcoming international public procurement procedures, relocation and the entrance of Ukrainian businesses into foreign markets and accessing capital for technological and industrial development.

I know that the future of Ukraine depends mainly on its effective and smooth reconstruction which will be one of the main challenges for the democratic world for decades to come. We will be among other significant players in those challenges,” says Markiyan Malskyy.

Markiyan will lead the Team of Ukrainian Lawyers and Advisors assisting clients with:

  • Venture and corporate financing,
  • Commercial contracts,
  • Mergers and acquisitions,
  • Employment and immigration issues,
  • Tax obligations, exemptions, reliefs and preferences,
  • Administrative law matters, including requirements and concessions,
  • Corporate matters,
  • Intellectual property and trademark registration,
  • Litigation and arbitration,
  • Infrastructure projects,
  • public procurement.