2024 will mark elections and political shifts in multiple countries worldwide. The CEE region – ahead of European Elections in June, local, parliamentary and presidential elections throughout the year and changes in top positions last year – is no exception. Yet, the political landscape of the region is not only dynamic, but diverse as well.  Even though the region experienced a populist rise which resulted in disputes with the European institutions, there are also countries and governments aiming at more collaboration with the EU, especially seeking to maximize economic benefits of digital and green transition.

Grayling, with a global presence in 30 countries and teams of Public Affairs, presents the 2024 CEE Outlook Report, combining knowledge of top-shelf Public Affairs experts in the whole CEE region. The report includes insights from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia including the EU candidate states Serbia and Ukraine. As an overview of political trends and possible policy directions the Outlook may serve as a useful tool to understand what businesses operating in the CEE region can expect in 2024 and ahead.

Download your copy of the 2024 CEE Outlook Report: https://grayling.com/news-and-views/graylings-cee-outlook-for-2024-report/