Bonarka for Business “B4B” is today the largest and most renowned office park in Kraków, with 8 class-A office buildings providing a total GLA of 76,627 sqm. As part of a vast urban reconstruction project, it is an awarded office complex distinguished for its unique aesthetics harmonized with an impressive historical legacy, including “artURBANICA 2012”. Bonarka for Business’ unparalleled location, directly adjacent to Kraków’s largest shopping center, makes the park the ideal place for business, as it has the widest variety of amenities and services available on-site and nearby. These include approximately 230 shops, a large parking area, hypermarket, restaurants, cafes, medical center, fitness club, kindergarten, book point, serviced offices, bicycle and pedestrian bridge, and many others. The project is located in Podgórze district, having multiple public transport connections, including 12 bus lines, 4 tram stops and the Bonarka Railway station in its immediate vicinity.

Last year, Revetas Capital invested in opening a new amenity for B4B employees named “B4B Oasis”, which comprises 5,820 sqm of green area in an amphitheater shape designed to be an innovative place for work, meetings, and relaxation. The investment into the B4B Oasis is just one part of the overall ESG strategy to create a positive and exciting user experience, by converting the rainwater retention tank into a recreational space and designing flexible workstations outside of their cubicle, a place where the members of the “B4B” community can relax, enjoy their lunch, meet or work in a nature-like environment.

Bonarka for Business “B4B” is uniquely positioned in the Krakow office market through the multitude of amenities- in-house and in the nearby shopping center, all designed towards a better work-life balance of the employees.

CERES Management Services is the property manager of B4B.

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