The ball, which was held for the twenty-first  time this year and has long been established as one of the BPCC’s signature events of the year, and indeed as one of Warsaw’s most prestigious business balls, did not fail to impress.

The event was held on Saturday 26 October at the InterContinental Hotel in the heart of Warsaw. As the evening set in, smartly dressed guests began to pour into the hotel and make their way to the ballroom foyer, where a welcome drink greeted them. The BPCC had ensured that the foyer was filled with attractions: a lengthy cocktail bar provided by Wyborowa, a casino corner, a cigar lounge, Grand Cru wine roulette, DESA paintings, Newby Teas corner and a Wedel chocolate station all ensured that guests had a plethora of additional entertainment to choose from throughout the night.

Her Majesty’s Ambassador Robin Barnett opened the evening with a warm welcome and an upbeat speech regarding the innovative new partnership between the Chamber and the Embassy, while BPCC Chairman Antoni F. Reczek, the thanked all companies involved in creating the event and encouraged the 240 guests to have a wonderful night!

Great music and of an amazing band, 36&6 and a wonderful four-course dinner were accompanied by fine wine and even finer conversations.

The Charity Auction and Lottery jointly raised 14,995 zlotys and that money is being donated to the “Tesco Dzieciom” Foundation. As always, we were completely astounded by the generosity of guests on the night and by the generosity of all the companies who donated the fabulous prizes.

Donations collected during the Ball will be used to finance English courses for children from poor families.

The BPCC would like to say a huge thank-you who all those who made the evening possible, especially to the main partners HSBC Bank Polska and Provident Polska SA, and to all theguests for their enthusiasm and generosity throughout the memorable evening.