The Flowcrete brand, a leading expert in resin floors, introduces new, innovative materials and technologies for green buildings. The range of flooring systems with low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), with the Indoor Air Comfort® Gold certificate, has just been expanded to include epoxy solutions from the Flowcrete LE (Low Emission) group. The brand’s range of resin floors, which meet stringent air quality requirements, currently includes coatings for all major applications – for car parks, universal, decorative and also industrial systems.

The Flowcrete brand is constantly developing its product offer to respond to the needs of the construction market. The company produces and supplies both proven, traditional technologies and innovative solutions for green buildings. In response to the challenges related to sustainable development, it is the first to introduce to the market a full range of resin floors based on solvent-free epoxy resins with low emissions of volatile organic compounds. These chemicals, abbreviated as VOCs, have a measurable impact on indoor air quality and, therefore, on the health and well-being of their users.

The new Flowcrete LE floors are systems intended for various applications – universal, industrial and decorative. They are low-emission versions of well-known and proven flooring solutions such as painted (including Flowcoat SF41 LE thin-layer coatings), self-levelling (Peran SL LE), epoxy-quartz systems (Peran STB Public) and stone carpets (Rustik LE). Their strength parameters have been maintained at a similar level as their counterparts based on traditional technologies, while significantly improving colour durability under exposure to UV radiation. For this reason, they work well in rooms with large glazing, e.g. representative halls or atriums in office buildings, shopping centres and other public facilities.

The low emission of volatile organic compounds in the new range of Flowcrete LE epoxy resin floors has been confirmed by the Indoor Air Comfort ® Gold certificate. This certificate received also, among others, our Deckshield ID car park floors and antimicrobial flooring systems of the Flowfresh range. It is granted by the Eurofins organization based on regular tests of materials in laboratories and audits at the production facilities. This means that the floors we produce meet the stringent air quality requirements applicable in modern construction, both in Europe and around the world, including emission limits indicated in environmental certification systems such as LEED, BREEAM New Construction, WELL, etc., as well as in the EU Taxonomy.

After introducing the Flowcrete LE epoxy flooring group, we are the only company on the market to offer a full range of resin systems for green construction based on completely solvent-free solutions. Unlike water-based products popular on the market, this allows for very high mechanical and chemical resistance – comparable to traditional epoxy materials containing VOCs,” – explains Mikołaj Tokarski, European Product Manager in Tremco CPG, responsible for the development of the entire flooring category in Europe.

In addition to low emissions of volatile organic compounds, CO2 emissions and their recycling possibilities within the circular economy are also of great importance in the case of building materials. Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are available for all Flowcrete resin floors, containing detailed information on the carbon footprint of these technologies throughout their life cycle. Moreover, at the end of their service life, resin flooring systems can be recycled. Together with the concrete to which they are permanently bonded, they can be re-used, among others, as a base for road construction.


  • Tremco CPG Poland

    Tremco Construction Products Group, Tremco CPG in short, brings together leading European construction product brands, such as illbruck, Flowcrete, Nullifire, Tremco, Vandex, Dryvit and Nudura. The group employs over 1,400 people in Europe and over 6,500 people worldwide. It produces high-quality materials that meet various construction needs – from sealing, bonding and thermal insulation, to resin floors, fire protection, waterproofing, roof systems and Insulating Concrete Forms for wall construction. Tremco CPG offers: seamless resin floors by Flowcrete, including flooring systems for parking lots and garages and decorative epoxy resin terrazzo, innovative solutions for sealing joints of windows, doors and facades in energy-saving and passive buildings by illbruck, external wall insulation systems and facade materials by Dryvit, waterproofing for basements and foundations by Vandex, fireproof penetrations and fire-resistant intumescent coatings for the protection of structural steel by Nullifire and Insulating Concrete Forms by Nudura. Tremco CPG solutions respond to the challenges faced by the modern construction industry, such as energy efficiency, durability and sustainable development. Tremco CPG is a regional division of RPM International Inc., one of the world’s leading construction products companies for industrial and consumer segments, headquartered in Medina (Ohio, USA).