Bilfinger Tebodin cooperates with one of the leading technological and international companies Intel, performing FIDIC Engineer services, management and technical supervision for the construction of the Intel Technology Poland Research and Development Center IGK6 in Gdańsk, Poland.

Intel Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of integrated circuits and the creator of the x86 family of microprocessors – parts of most personal computers. The construction of their new R&D center in Poland started in January 2022, and planned to be completed by the middle of 2023. Bilfinger Tebodin acts as the owner`s engineer, supporting Intel throughout the entire investment process in terms of technical, organizational, and management services. The total area of a new R&D center will be 27,485 m2, and a gross cubic capacity – 126,365 m2.

This new project is aimed at developing the research and development activities of Intel Technology Poland in research areas related to the development of technologies that increasethe efficiency of data center infrastructure and artificial intelligence. The new facility will be fully equipped with research IT infrastructure that will ensure the possibility of carrying out advanced work in the field of technical innovations and the highest global competitiveness. It will employ a minimum of 400 new research employees who, together with the current part of the staff, will jointly implement innovative projects.

Kamilia Konopko, Project Manager at Bilfinger Tebodin, comments: ‘The project poses many technical and formal challenges. We created a very tailored team to fulfill not only the basic requirements, but also to respond to the current needs of the project, which often require looking for out-of-the-box-solutions. I believe that together we will meet the challenges and effectively support Intel in achieving their goals with this high-tech facility’.