Warszawa/Katowice, 8 December 2022 – The .KTW office complex, whose investor is TDJ Estate, designed in cooperation with the Medusa Group studio, consists of two buildings located at ul. Roździeńskiego 1 in Katowice, in the vicinity of Spodek. The top-class .KTW I and .KTW II office buildings are among the most interesting commercial buildings in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. In the three-level underground garage that connects the two towers, Deckshield resin parking floors by Flowcrete, a leading expert in this field, were installed on an area of over 9,000 sq m.

The office buildings of the .KTW complex are distinguished by a modern, simple form, high quality and functionality. The first building, whose construction was completed in 2018, is 66 meters high and has 14 above-ground floors. The second, which has recently obtained an occupancy permit, is 133 meters high and has 31 floors above ground and is the tallest office building in Katowice and the entire Upper Silesian and Zagłębie Metropolis. The ground floor and the “+1” floor in both buildings house commercial and service functions. In total, the complex offers 58,000 sq m of office space and 400 sq m of retail space.

One of the basic principles at all stages of the design and construction of the .KTW office complex was the search for the most functional solutions with future users in mind. Examples of such a specialized technology are Deckshield resin floors based on polyurethane resins and quartz sand, which were made on a total area of 12,000 sq m in a three-level underground car park connecting both buildings and in technical rooms, and also in fire lobbies and evacuation corridors on each floor.

The resin coatings used in the .KTW underground garage are in shades of grey. The Deckshield floors on the ramps and floors are grey (Mid Grey), and the horizontal markings have been painted in a contrasting dark grey resin. Such a combination of colours guarantees good visibility from the point of view of vehicle drivers and increases the safety of all car park users.

Deckshield parking floors by Flowcrete are flexible and watertight coatings that protect the concrete floor slabs of intermediate floors and the bottom slab from external factors. The use of these floor systems has a positive effect on the functionality and aesthetics of the car park. Deckshield floors last for years thanks to their high resistance to abrasion and chemicals, including fuels, automotive fluids and de-icing salt residues found on vehicle tyres. In turn, the addition of various fractions of quartz sand gives their surface anti-slip properties appropriate to the place of use.

Resin floors in the underground garage are a functional and aesthetic solution. Deckshield coatings have a shiny, reflective surface that optically illuminates and enlarges the garage space. They are also durable and easy to keep clean. Thanks to this, even in the long term, they have a positive impact on the perception of this space by the users of the .KTW office complex. This is important because, in the case of motorists, the underground parking lot often determines the first impression in contact with the building,” – said Piotr Sołtysik, Senior Project Manager in TDJ Estate, responsible for the construction of the .KTW office complex.

The office buildings that make up the .KTW complex have been designed and constructed following the green construction principles. Both facilities have obtained the BREEAM certificate at the Excellent level. The Deckshield resin floors used in the car park are a material with low emissions of volatile organic compounds, produced in a sustainable way, which is confirmed by the Indoor Air Comfort® Gold Certificate and the Environmental Product Declarations, describing their impact on the environment throughout their life cycle.

Deckshield resin floors in the .KTW office complex in Katowice were applied by Euromat Polska Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. and Posadzki Betonowe i Żywiczne Zenon Wójcik, both Flowcrete Authorized Contractors.


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