Toy stores and children’s playrooms are among the most frequently visited places in the pre-Christmas shopping frenzy. These types of facilities are designed on a grand scale, in a way that stimulates children’s imagination. Multi-coloured resin floors are an integral part of their interiors, and modern materials and technologies offered by the Flowcrete brand, a leading expert in this field, allow even the boldest ideas to be put to life. Here are the inspiring examples from around the world!

1. Resin terrazzo with colourful patterns in a garden-inspired play area

The zone for children aged 1 to 16 at the Okada Manila Hotel in the Philippines includes eight playgrounds. The floors in these spaces have been designed in such a way as to recreate the interior aesthetics of the outdoor gardens and to be consistent with the decorations used throughout the facility. They cover an area of ​​250 m2 with resin terrazzo floors, i.e. Mondéco, in three complementary colours: kiwi, pomegranate and almond. Colourful fields were separated by steel strips.

Mondéco are elegant floors based on coloured epoxy resins and marble aggregate (Mondéco Classic) or a mixture of granite and flint aggregates (Mondéco Earth). Their surface resembles a polished stone. They provide wide possibilities for free design, including creating any patterns and colours, in this case referring to shapes found in nature.

Thanks to the seamless surface and chemical resistance, these coatings are easy to keep clean, which allows one to create hygienic conditions for children to play. High abrasion resistance makes these floors well able to withstand the loads associated with moving heavy equipment, impacts from dropped objects and intense pedestrian traffic.

2. Durable, smooth floor in a uniform, vivid colour in the brick shop

The large BIG SHOP toy showroom, located in Legoland® in Malaysia, has a distinctive yellow floor resembling the world-famous logo of the brick manufacturer. A durable Flowfresh MF polyurethane-cementitious floor in a custom-made colour was installed on 850 m2.

This smooth, seamless flooring system is perfect for large commercial areas due to its high resistance to intense pedestrian traffic as well as the typical commercial loads, including the point pressure of heavy shelves with goods, the risk of spilling various substances and abrasions and scratches on busy passageways.

In the case of this flooring system, a Flowseal UV top varnish was used as a closing layer, which gave it increased resistance to UV radiation and a glossy finish. This solution ensures that the floor retains its distinctive colour, even though it is located in rooms with large glazing, and intensively lit with natural sunlight.

3. A star-patterned floor in the children’s area of ​​the shopping centre

Mr Funtabbles is an entertainment centre for families with children located in a separate wing of a large shopping mall in Durban, South Africa. The poured resin floor used in this zone fills this space with shine and joyful colours and shapes that fit into the cheerful character of a place intended for unrestricted fun.

The floor made at Mr Funtabbles should be durable enough to maintain its attractive appearance for years and not develop scratches or stains despite intensive use by attraction-oriented children.

A mechanically resistant, coloured self-smoothing epoxy flooring was applied on an area of ​​over 1,100 m2, including a blue shade of the sky and various shades of grey, covered with a layer of clear, matte polyurethane varnish. The Peran SL flooring system in a yellow shade with the addition of glitter was used to make decorative, large stars in the area around the carousel. These places were then covered with a transparent top coat based on epoxy resin.

Seamless resin floors thanks to their properties such as mechanical strength, including against heavy foot traffic, ease of keeping clean and wide design possibilities, including obtaining colours and creating patterns, are used in very popular children’s play zones around the world.

When designing this type of space, it is worth using the support of Flowcrete resin flooring experts, who, based on their knowledge and experience, will propose the optimal solution, taking into account the aesthetic and functional conditions and requirements.


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