By Konrad Sterenczak, corporate accounts manager, Privalgo



Privalgo offers cost-cutting, time-saving payment solutions, ideal for Polish businesses that want to move their operation to the UK. 

If you’ve brought your Polish business to the UK or you have clients or operations outside of Poland, you’ll have come across countless challenges when it comes to international payments.  

Whether you’re planning on expanding your operations to the UK or you currently trade with UK businesses, you’ll face all sorts of operational hurdles and opportunities.

Working with our native Polish speakers at Privalgo the UK-based international payments and foreign exchange provider can lower the costs of doing business with the UK. Not only that, you’ll reduce the time taken to open multi-currency accounts needed for trading and processing foreign currencies.  

Privalgo is an FCA regulated London-based FinTech specialising in international payments. 

The business offers native Polish-speaking support, and a comprehensive suite of services tailored to Polish businesses trading with the UK.  We offer a number of advantages over traditional banks. If your business relies on processing international payments as quickly as possible, read on to find out how Privalgo can help… 

Same-day account opening 

Privalgo recognises that time is of the essence in international trade and that’s why we offer same-day account opening facilities. Many of our clients report that traditional banks can be slow. That’s because they’re often hindered by bureaucracy, leading to delays in opening business accounts. We often hear stories of international accounts taking as long as six months to open. 

With Privalgo we aim to open a multi-currency account for your business, no matter where it’s based.

Our processes don’t face the same bureaucratic restrictions as banks, so we can get your account set up faster. This rapid account set-up service means your business can capitalise on time-sensitive opportunities. Working with us at Privalgo eliminates unnecessary delays and enables a quick start in the UK market.  

Once your account with us is open, you’re able to receive payments in multiple currencies on the same platform – so rather than having multiple accounts with different banks for different currencies, your international funds are all in one place – meaning your finances are easier to manage and review at a glance. 

Extensive counterparty network offers more flexibility than traditional banks 

You might wonder how we do this. Privalgo has an extensive counterparty network. This means we work with banks all over the world, including Tier-1 banks, and we’re always competitive. For example, if one bank has high transaction costs, we can use another. Or if one bank offers a better rate of exchange than another, we can identify the best price and offer it to our clients.

Traditional banks may impose higher fees and less favourable rates, which can eat into your profit margins. Privalgo’s global counterparty network allows us to negotiate competitive rates and reduce transaction costs, resulting in significant savings for your business.  The global reach of our counterparty network means we’re able to process local payments in a number of jurisdictions – whether that’s in złotys, sterling, or countless other currencies. 

Intelligent risk management solutions  

As you’ll know, international trade often carries risks thanks to currency volatility and market fluctuations. Polish businesses trading with the UK often tell us they’re looking for risk management strategies to protect the bottom line and manage cash flow. We’re always on hand to offer a set of possible solutions. 

Privalgo provides data-driven real time payment solutions and risk management strategies tailored to your business’s unique needs. Because we’re a FinTech at heart, we’re constantly monitoring the currency markets helping businesses understand currency risks so they can make informed decisions.   

Relationship management po polsku

What makes us different is that we’re also passionate about being a relationship-first financial services provider. This means you’ll be allocated a dedicated Relationship Manager – a native Polish-speaker like me if that’s what you’d like.  We tailor our risk management strategies to suit your specific needs.  You’ll always have the same person on hand to manage your account with us, who understands your business’s financial objectives. By incorporating intelligent risk management strategies, Privalgo empowers you to navigate market uncertainties with genuine, human support, safeguarding your business’s bottom line. 

Konrad Sterenczak has worked with numerous Polish businesses to save them time and money that wanted to expand to the UK market.

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Privalgo Limited is a private limited company (number 11219580) registered in England with their registered office at 25 Eastcheap, London, EC3M 1DE, United Kingdom. Privalgo Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Electronic Money Institution under the Electronic Money Regulations (2011). (Reference number: 900887).