Real estate


25 March 2024


10:00 - 11:30



Real estate Invitation for a webinar on „Resin flooring with low VOC emission” organized by Tremco CPG Poland & PLGBC


Tremco CPG Poland, manufacturer and supplier of Flowcrete resin floors, and the Polish Green Building Council (PLGBC) organize a webinar devoted to flooring solutions that meet the stringent air quality requirements for green buildings. The meeting will be held online (on Microsoft Teams) on March 25, 2024 (Monday) at 10:00 a.m. The webinar will be led by Mikołaj Tokarski, European Product Manager at Tremco CPG, responsible for the development of the entire flooring category in Europe. Registration of participants is carried out by PLGBC.

The webinar dedicated to resin floors with low VOC emissions will be an opportunity to learn:

  • where resin floors are used and how they contribute to increasing the durability of the building structure,
  • what are volatile organic compounds (VOCs),
  • what impact the presence of VOCs may have on air quality and the well-being and health of users,
  • what are the current regulations and standards specifying the permissible emission of VOCs from building materials,

and learn about a wide range of resin floors with low VOC emissions.

The trainer, Mikołaj Tokarski, has been working in the building materials industry for 12 years. The graduate in Materials Engineering from the Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków joined the Tremco CPG Poland Sp. z o. o. (then Flowcrete Polska Sp. z o. o.) team seven years ago. Currently, as European Product Manager in the Tremco CPG group, Mikołaj Tokarski is responsible for the technical and marketing side of the portfolio of Flowcrete flooring systems for all of Europe.

Mikołaj Tokarski is one of the market’s leading experts in resin flooring technology, their application, research methodology and practical features, including their impact on users. He specializes, among others, in flooring systems with antistatic properties and solutions with low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be used in buildings subject to environmental certification.

Tremco CPG, a producer and supplier of materials for the application of Flowcrete resin floors, is a market leader in this area. The company provides both proven, traditional technologies and innovative solutions for green construction. In response to the challenges of sustainable development, it is the first to introduce to the market a full range of resin floors based on solvent-free epoxy resins with low emissions of volatile organic compounds. New flooring technologies allow for very high mechanical and chemical resistance, comparable to traditional epoxy materials containing VOCs.