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London School of English Wrocław
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09 May 2023


15:00 - 16:00



Media partner Dealing with Difficult Communicators with Aplomb

In the world of work we do not have much power over with whom we communicate, necessitating the development of skills which allow for the smooth navigation of potentially perilous communication with difficult communicators. Those who attend this workshop will master different ways to deal with challenging communication styles; as well as a range of techniques and phrases for keeping meetings track.

  • 23/05/2023 Disagreeing: The Art of Polite Refusal

Many of those in the workplace may prefer to agree with their colleagues and, especially, their superiors. However, what happens when it is not possible to do so? The importance of politeness in refusal or disagreement cannot be overstated. Those who attend this workshop will master the art of polite refusal; as well as a range of techniques and phrases for partial and complete disagreement.

  • 06/06/2023 Précis in E-mail… The Etiquette of Getting to the Point

In the modern world of work few mediums are as overused as the humble e-mail. Yet so few of those in the workplace have ever undertaken any training on how to use this tool effectively or deliver concise and valuable information through this format. Those who attend this workshop will master précis in the medium of e-mail; as well as the etiquette of email.

About the London School of English:

At London School of English Wroclaw, we offer several free clubs. These are a chance for you, or your children, to come and practise English or learn a skill. They are free of charge to ensure that they are available to absolutely everyone; there are no barriers and you have nothing to lose, so come and try one of the following clubs:

English Speaking Clubs

We believe that language is meant to be used, that it is a tool for communication and at our free English speaking clubs you will get many chances to do so. A different topic is up for discussion every week, with different levels also available, so you are sure to be able to find something right for you.

Arts & Crafts in English

Young children who are still learning motor skills and are just beginning to get acquainted with the English language can massively benefit from genuine exposure to the language and the chance to physically create something. This is why we offer free arts and crafts in English every week.

Board Games in English

Those with some familiarity with the English language can still benefit from using it in a genuine outcome based environment, but that doesn’t mean the environment can’t be fun! Every week teenagers come to our board games club in order to practise and utilise their English language skills in a competitive and fun environment.

Job Applications

Increasingly there is an expectation that candidates are familiar with the English language. As a result, English language CVs, covering letters and interviews have grown in popularity. We offer workshops to help you sharpen your skills in all these areas and produce documents which will help you get the interview and the skills to impress during the interview – everything you need to secure your dream job!