The shutdown caused by the COVID-19 virus means that business meetings are being cancelled around the world. Technology has provided us with a solution - the webinar.

The BPCC will be publishing a continually updated list of webinars and other online training events that our members are holding.

While sitting out the pandemic at home, we can still improve our business skills by taking part in webinars - bookmark this page, review it regularly and keep up to date with developments!

2020-08-13, 04:00 pm

Thursday 13 August 4pm - 8pm (CET)

Venue: Q Hotel Zaolziańska 2 53-334 Wrocław
Organiser: Coventry University Wroclaw Open Day Booking Form

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2020-09-22, 09:00 am

Pandemia COVID-19 się skończy – i co dalej? Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce pod patronatem British Polish Chamber of Commerce organizuje spotkanie networkingowe z firmami brytyjskimi poszukującymi firm IT z Polski.

Venue: Manchester, siedziba Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.
Organiser: British Polish Chamber of Commerce

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