2019-04-25, 10:00 am

Description is available in Polish.

Venue: Poeton Polska Sp. z o. o., 36 - 002 Jasionka 954
Organiser: BPCC, Poeton, RARR

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2019-05-08, 08:00 am

More information is available in Polish.

Venue: Poznań Congress Center, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie
Organiser: Poznań

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2019-05-08, 09:30 am

2019 tax overview: PIT, CIT, VAT and MDR

Venue: BPCC, ul. Zielna 37, 9 p.
Organiser: BPCC, Accreo

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2019-05-13, 08:30 am

RICS Mediation Training

Venue: Warsaw, TBC
Organiser: RICS

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2019-05-14, 09:00 am

This event will be held in Polish.

Venue: siedziba Domański Zakrzewski Palinka sp. k.; ul. Paderewskiego 8 w Poznaniu
Organiser: BPCC, DZP

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2019-05-14, 09:30 am

Employee Capital Plans is one of the most important topics in Polish companies.

Venue: Siedziba BPCC, ul. Zielna 37, 00-108 Warszawa
Organiser: BPCC, Aviva

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2019-05-21, 06:00 pm

British-Polish Chamber of Commers and Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce jointly invite you to Spring Business Mixer hosted by Sticky Fingers @ Stalowe Magnolie.

Venue: Sticky Fingers@Stalowe Magnolie, ul. Szpitalna 6, Kraków
Organiser: BPCC, SPCC, Sticky

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2019-05-22, 08:30 am

The BPCC is pleased to provide its members in the Polish human resources and talent-development community the opportunity to gain an international accreditation with Saville Assessment, one of the world’s leading psychometric assessment and aptitude tests.

Venue: Central Warsaw (tbc)
Organiser: Professionals Placing Professionals

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2019-05-24, 10:00 am

Polish construction firms have an enviable reputation in the UK for quality and value for money.

Venue: NatWest (RBS Building), 250 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4AA
Organiser: PBlink

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2019-05-28, 09:30 am

Employers today face major problems in retaining their top talent. Employees are leaving jobs they consider to be without purpose, seeking instead employment that can develop them as human beings. Part of being an engaged employee is feeling that you’re part of a team; teambuilding therefore has become more important than ever.

Venue: TWDW, Wał Miedzeszyński 399
Organiser: BPCC, P3 Recruitment, Linklaters, KR Group, TWDW

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