Bonarka for Business “B4B” business park has recently secured a new lease: the state institution ZUS (Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych or The Social Insurance Institution) has leased 2,400 sqm office space in Building D.

 The Social Insurance Institution was established in 1934 by the merger of five insurance institutions (Social Insurance Chamber, Sickness Insurance Institution, Accident Insurance Institution, White-Collar Employees’ Insurance Institution, Blue-Collar Workers’ Insurance Institution). Currently, The Social Insurance Institution acts as the main element of the administration of the Polish social security system.

 “Our decision to establish our operations at Bonarka for Business “B4B” was primarily driven by the outstanding amenities and strategic location it offers. These factors played a pivotal role in determining the preference of our employees” said Grzegorz Dadej, Director of Branch of Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych in Kraków.

Antonio Pomes, Director – Country Head of Portfolio Management at Revetas declares: “We are pleased to welcome a Polish company from the public sector to our project. This transaction highlights the diversity within the business community and underscores the appeal of our scheme to various types of companies and requirements.

“We are delighted to announce that ZUS has joined our business community in B4B. This highlights the versatility of our business park, the range of facilities available, and its ideal location, which are all highly attractive to both our current and future users of the complex. Furthermore, with the addition of residential facilities nearby, B4B has become one of the most desirable destinations for the live-work-play concept” – says Anna Krztoń, Leasing Director at TriGranit, responsible for the transaction.


  • Bonarka for Business “B4B”

    Bonarka for Business “B4B” is today the largest and most renowned office park in Kraków, with 8 class-A office buildings providing a total GLA of 75,000 sqm. As part of a vast urban reconstruction project, it is an awarded office complex distinguished for its unique aesthetics harmonized with an impressive historical legacy, including “artURBANICA 2012”. Bonarka for Business’ unparalleled location, directly adjacent to Kraków’s largest shopping center, makes the park the ideal place for business, as it has the widest variety of amenities and services available on-site and nearby. These include approximately 230 shops, a large parking area, hypermarket, restaurants, cafes, medical center, fitness club, kindergarten, book point, serviced offices, bicycle and pedestrian bridge, and many others. The project is located in Podgórze district, having multiple public transport connections, including 12 bus lines, 4 tram stops and the Bonarka Railway station in its immediate vicinity. Last year, Revetas Capital invested in opening a new amenity for B4B employees named “B4B Oasis”, which comprises 5,820 sqm of green area in an amphitheatre shape designed to be an innovative place for work, meetings, and relaxation.