Kinnarps’ two largest showrooms in Warsaw and Wroclaw have recently undergone a total metamorphosis in line with an international showroom concept. Despite its small size, the showroom of the company’s northern branch, which opened in late February in the Format building in Gdansk, also follows the new design concept.

The refreshed exhibitions in Warsaw and Wroclaw and the newly opened showroom in Gdansk present the selection of all the brands in the Kinnarps Group together with new products. The common colour scheme of all showrooms and elements of the visual identity follows the brand’s latest international display concept, which will be introduced step by step to other locations in Poland and globally.

The goal of the new design concept is to invite visitors to Kinnarps’ showrooms on an exciting journey to discover the benefits of working with the company, starting from a comprehensive range of products, through a holistic approach to ergonomics, examples of timeless product design, and ending with the social, environmental and economic benefits of our sustainable solutions. In addition, the largest showrooms in Warsaw and Wrocław include examples of space design for educational institutions and the care sector, areas in which the Kinnarps brand also specialises.

“We have adopted common guidelines specifying how all our showrooms around the world should look like, whatever their size or location. A uniform and clear visual identity reinforces the image of our brand as a modern and professional provider of total interior solutions while guaranteeing an equally high level of service to customers visiting our showroom. Considering that our showrooms are the most visible element of the company’s operations, we want them to be a showcase of our values and mission: Successful Interiors”, comments Beata Osiecka, CEO of Kinnarps Polska.

As a supplier of comprehensive solutions for the working environment, Kinnarps is well aware of the current trends in the flexibility of design solutions. The refurbished Kinnarps showrooms present a perspective of the office of the future with a range of solutions for hybrid working world – starting from individual workstations, through space intended for
teamwork and design work, and ending with online meeting spaces. The display makes it easy to explore all the possibilities of the presented solutions, try them out on-site and experience the advantages of our products.

“We have decided that now, when the working environment is undergoing dynamic changes, is the best time to prepare our showrooms for future challenges. We believe that even in the age of the Internet when furniture can be viewed online, nothing compares to face-to-face meetings and testing specific solutions in an interestingly designed space. All Kinnarps showrooms are inspiring and friendly meeting places where you can best experience the value of working with us”, adds Aleksandra Krawsz-Kubica, Marketing & PR Manager at Kinnarps Polska

In addition, in order to make it easier for visitors to get to know the expertise, experience and commitment of our expert team, an electronic calendar for appointments in the showroom has been piloted in Warsaw

Feel free to visit Kinnarp’s redesigned showrooms!

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    Kinnarps is Europe’s leading supplier of total interior design solutions and workplace design for offices, schools and care facilities. The furniture is characterised by high quality, innovative design, low environmental impact and long lifecycles. The group's turnover for the financial year 2021/2022 was SEK 3.8 billion. Kinnarps has been family-owned since its establishment in 1942. It has production facilities in Sweden and operates in more than 40 countries.