Aleje Praskie is a new residential estate by Develia at ul. Podskarbińska 32/34 in Warsaw. The investment, developed by Kalter and Techbau as general contractors, is being built using high-quality construction technologies, including pro-ecological solutions. In the completed stages, specialised materials were used, manufactured and supplied by Tremco CPG. These include aesthetically attractive Dryvit façade systems with high durability parameters and Flowcrete parking floors, which effectively protect the concrete substrate in underground garages.

The Aleje Praskie residential estate, currently under construction in a dynamically developing part of Praga Południe district, in Grochów, near the planned Mińska metro station, consists of low, 4-storey buildings, with a dominant situated at ul. Podskarbińska. As part of the project, 1,572 apartments of various sizes will be built, all with balconies, terraces or green gardens. This modern urban space provides residents with silence and privacy and also gives opportunities to spend time together. The estate will include green areas, walking paths, playgrounds, a brine graduation tower and a spacious courtyard with space for cafés and restaurants, with road traffic kept to a minimum. The investment is carried out following the idea of ​​sustainable development, and its stages are certified in the BREEAM system.

Tremco CPG participates in developing the Aleje Praskie estate as a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality materials and technologies. In the construction of the already completed stages I, II, IV, V and VI, Dryvit façade systems were used, which significantly shaped the architectural expression of the buildings, and Deckshield flooring solutions from Flowcrete were used in the underground garages of this investment.

Tremco CPG comprises seven leading brands of construction products. We manufacture state-of-the-art materials and provide technologies used in almost every part of the building, from foundations and undergrounds, through ceilings and walls, to the roof. Thanks to our wide offer, knowledge and experience, we can comprehensively service the largest investments in Poland and Europe. Large, prestigious projects such as Aleje Praskie, to which we provide more than one solution, give us great satisfaction and allow us to take full advantage of the synergy effect resulting from the cooperation of several brands within one company,” – said Piotr Jakóbczak, Sales Director, Flowcrete & Vandex at Tremco CPG Poland.

The external wall insulation system installed in Aleje Praskie on an area of ​​over 30,000 m2 is Drysulation PRO, based on polystyrene, with increased impact resistance. The Dryvit façade materials allowed for achieving high parameters in terms of thermal insulation, mechanical strength, and also an attractive architectural effect. For this purpose, three different top layers of the system were used. The prevailing facade surface was covered with Drytex mineral plaster, painted with Silstar façade paints based on silicone resin emulsion, with high covering quality and high resistance to scrubbing, in carefully selected shades of white, grey and graphite.

Dryvit façade materials with decorative effects, such as the granite stone slabs effect and the rust-covered slabs effect, gave the buildings forming Aleje Praskie a unique look. The granite effect was achieved with Ameristone T acrylic plaster containing multi-coloured quartz aggregate and mica, giving it subtle shimmers. The rust effect was achieved with PMR plaster based on acrylic polymer and quartz aggregate with a fine texture, painted with Demandit façade paint in a specially selected colour. Graphic divisions on the facades gave the appearance of rustic joints, made with delicate, dark stripes.

Deckshield flooring systems by Flowcrete were installed in the underground parking lots in the buildings of the Aleje Praskie. These durable coatings based on polyurethane resins and quartz sand protect the concrete substrate against the effects of external factors. They have high mechanical resistance, also against the abrasion resulting from intensive vehicle traffic. They are also resistant to substances contained in fuels and automotive fluids and to the components of de-icing salts, brought to the car-park surface on tyres. The content of quartz sand gives them anti-slip properties and the varied colours allow for clear horizontal markings.

Deckshield floors have low emissions of volatile organic compounds, confirmed by the Indoor Air Comfort® Gold certificate. They positively affect indoor air quality, and meet the most stringent requirements of international environmental certification systems.

Deckshield resin floors in the parking lots of the buildings of the Aleje Praskie estate were applied by Grupa Konar Posadzki, an Authorized Flowcrete Contractor.


  • Tremco CPG Poland

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