„Perfect location, high standards and attention to detail.”
Ryszard Cieślak, Commercial Manager DSS Eastern Europe

In response to market expectations, DL Invest Group, Polish investor and developer has developed its DL SPACE flexible office concept and launched it on the Silesian market. The concept offers short term leases for high-quality office space that is ready for use within the buildings owned by the Group in Katowice and Gliwice. DL SPACE is comfortable serviced office space that is fully furnished and can be leased by the room with the option to also use the fully equipped conference rooms as well as access to the tenant kitchens, dining rooms and relaxation zones.

Such a plan limits leasing costs to the actual area used and because there is no long-term lease agreement, tenants have peace of mind, freedom of operations and flexibility in managing their costs when circumstances start rapidly changing, just as they have done over the last months. Some companies that currently occupy offices with DL SPACE, use them to divide up their teams and minimise the interactions between large groups of people, while many other tenants have given up on other locations to use DL SPACE as a way to build up their structures with space suited ideally to their size and expenditure.

DL Space, the answer to the office tenants’ needs

Here follow some of the conclusions we can draw from our survey and analysis of employee expectations for office space at a time when we face the danger of a pandemic:

  • There should be enough office space for people to maintain social distancing and the workspace should meet high sanitary standards.
  • Additional flexible office space should be available within a building that can be leased for short periods to allow for appropriate planning of work areas.
  • At a time of business uncertainty, tenants expect flexibility in the terms property owners offer, especially when it comes to a lease’s length.

The tenants of DL Space include such companies as: Pro Business Solutions, Medira, DSS Eastern Europe, Eko Patent or NSR Group.