The seminar featured a line-up of distinguished speakers, each contributing valuable insights to the discussions. Among them were Karol Piórkowski and Jakub Hiterski from Redshaw Advisors, who provided expertise on ESG considerations. Dr Krzysztof Starzyk of Starzyk Group delved into methodologies for calculating organisational and product carbon footprints. Anna Gorączka, representing Allegro, shared a compelling case-study on sustainable development practices. Additionally, Tomasz Kiebus and Łukasz Gajda of Rhino Sp. z .o.o. discussed strategies for reducing carbon footprints through efficient media management. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with the speakers during the seminar, participating in lively discussions and gaining valuable insights into sustainable development practices. The event concluded with a fruitful discussion over coffee, further fostering collaboration and exchange of knowledge among participants.

Overall, the Sustainable Development Seminar in Poznań was judged a success by participants, thanks to the enthusiasm of all involved. We look forward to hosting similar events in the future, continuing our collective efforts towards a more sustainable future.