BOHEMA – Strefa Praga is a well-thought-of urban concept, implemented in Warsaw’s Praga Północ district by OKAM Capital, in which residential, commercial, office and cultural functions intertwine. The investment combines historic buildings of former factories with new buildings with modern architecture, referring to local heritage. In the underground car park of stage “C”, comprising four residential buildings, Deckshield resin floors by Flowcrete, a leading expert in this field, were applied.

 The prestigious OKAM Capital project, BOHEMA – Strefa Praga, is being built in the area of ​​Szwedzka and Strzelecka streets in Warsaw, with direct access to the metro station. The advantage of the investment is a multifunctional space, creating a new quality of life, as well as a wide range of common outdoor areas that make this place vibrant with life.

The project is being implemented in stages. The first stage, in which three residential buildings were developed, turned out to be a great success. The next, recently completed stage “C” includes four cosy buildings offering a total of 270 attractive apartments with functional layouts and space ranging from 30 to 110 m². They are distinguished by modern architecture referring to historical buildings – with brick and steel elements on the façade. In the parking lot of this stage, on a total area of ​​over 6,000 m2, waterproof and flexible Deckshield polyurethane-quartz resin floors by Flowcrete were applied.

Both on the communication routes and in the parking spaces, resin floors in Mid Grey colour with yellow horizontal markings were applied. Such a contrasting combination is visible from the drivers’ point of view, thus increasing the safety of all car park users.

Resin floors in car parks have been verified by us in many investments. What convinced us to use the Deckshield system in BOHEMA – Strefa Praga was its functionality and good technical parameters in terms of resistance to everyday utility loads. The easy cleaning and their aesthetic appearance in the long term were also important,” – said Elżbieta Matan, Senior Project Manager at Okam Capital, the developer of BOHEMA – Strefa Praga.

 Deckshield parking floors are based on solvent-free polyurethane resins and quartz sand. These watertight and flexible coatings protect the concrete substrate from damage caused by various external factors, such as vehicle traffic. They are durable and mechanically resistant and also have good resistance to chemicals found in garages and parking lots, i.e. fuel, battery acid, car operating fluids, and de-icing salt residues brought to the car park flooring on tires and car chassis.

Flooring systems from the Deckshield group have a non-slip surface adapted to the conditions of use, thanks to which they prevent slips and falls on a wet surface. In addition, they reduce sounds, including the vehicle tires squeak, which is particularly important in the case of multi-family residential buildings, where the comfort of users is of the utmost importance.

Deckshield resin floors in the car park of stage “C” of the BOHEMA – Strefa Praga project were applied by FLOOR – SYSTEM Sławomir Leduchowski from Michałówek, Flowcrete authorized contractor.



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