Warsaw, 9 July 2024 – Applying resin systems on stairs requires a lot of time and work, as well as appropriate skills and care on the contractor’s part when finishing the details. Due to the requirements for a proper anti-slip class, resins with additives such as quartz sand, flakes and marble aggregate are commonly used on stairs. The various materials and technologies allow one to achieve visual effects suitable for industrial rooms and elegant, decorative interiors. Flooring systems for outdoor use, including fast-curing ones, are also available.

Experts of Flowcrete, the leading brand in resin solutions, present the most interesting and inspiring staircase implementations.

  1. Attractive colours

Systems 1 to 2 mm thick, made of coloured resin with natural quartz sand, are solutions used on stairs for years. This type of finish has recently been gaining popularity in public projects, particularly in modern office buildings.

The types of coatings, such as Flowcoat SF41, can be applied on both prefabricated and monolithic stairs. The proper surface preparation is of key importance – the surface of the runs should be even, and any imperfections must be repaired beforehand. A huge advantage is that epoxy resin can be made in almost any colour. Due to occupational health and safety regulations, strips of increased anti-slip resin in a contrasting shade or metal, textured strips are used on the edges of the first and last steps.

  1. Floors resembling terrazzo, with an orange peel texture

Traditional terrazzo, i.e. cementitious terrazzo, has a smooth surface resulting from grinding. In the case of the cementitious matrix, over time, various defects requiring repair may appear on its surface.

Renovation of stairs can be done without increasing their load by installing a decorative system based on epoxy resin and coloured flakes – Peran PGF Floor Flakes. This system looks similar to terrazzo but has a slightly anti-slip texture resembling an orange peel. This solution is not only safer but also durable and abrasion-resistant and maintains its aesthetic appearance for years. This technology allows for achieving lots of attractive visual effects – both by changing the colour of the resin and using various mixtures of coloured flakes.

  1. The eye-catching stone carpets

A resin system such as a stone carpet, e.g. Rustik Glamourstone, is made of marble aggregates combined and covered with clear epoxy resin. This unusual material resembles a path made of stones and evokes associations with a carpet. The system has a spatial structure that muffles the sound of footsteps and gives the impression of softness. Applying such a floor on stairs poses a challenge for the contractor due to the need for great care and precision. However, with experience and skilful application, the “WOW” effect is guaranteed.

  1. Systems with increased anti-slip properties based on clear resin and coloured sand

Resin coatings with coloured sand are an advantageous solution for stairs in public facilities for several reasons. The rough surface reduces the risk of slipping and falling. The quartz content gives this floor high abrasion resistance, maintained even after intensive use. The ability to create your compositions of sand colour mixtures allows one to achieve many unique visual effects.

Due to the small surfaces of the steps, all work must be done manually. In the case of trowel-type systems, this requires considerable skills from the contractor. For practical reasons, systems made on stairs have structured surfaces, e.g. Peran STB Structure.

In the case of stairs located outside the building, solutions based on fast-curing methacrylic resin (MMA) and coloured quartz sand, e.g. from the Flowfast or Deckshield Rapide range, work best. These materials are resistant to solar radiation and allow for quick application, also in difficult weather conditions – at high air and substrate humidity and low temperatures.

The application of resin systems on stairs involves certain limitations – not all solutions allow for installation on vertical surfaces. For this reason, when choosing materials, it is worth using the support of technical advisors – experts in resin systems.


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