Policy groups

Real Estate and Construction

Real Estate & Construction Policy Group brings together members with an interest in property–investors, developers, architects, contractors, facilities managers and agents. Meetings focus on issues such as planning permissions, investor protection and the regulatory environment for the sector. The group also promotes green building, sustainability and BIM.


CSR Policy Group promotes best practice in corporate behaviour and how firms interact with the social and natural environment. It shares best practices in sustainability and corporate governance between members, and voices ideas to government.

Tax and Finance

Tax & Finance Policy Group focuses on deregulation, taxes and social security. The aim is to help improve the tax system, targeting barriers to investment, business growth and employment. Making tax payment simpler and improving Poland’s business environment are the group’s priorities. It also looks into green finance and sustainable investment.


Climate Change & Environment Policy Group discusses technologies that will help business contribute profitably to a sustainable supply chain in respect of growing awareness of environmental protection, that also results in additional costs for business. Representatives of government, regulators and local authorities take part.


Healthcare Policy Group is a forum for the exchange of best practice between the UK and Poland, and between BPCC members and the Polish public sector. The group discusses e-health, clinical trials, personalised medicine, coordinated care, healthy ageing and private healthcare with decision-makers, experts and managers from public and private sectors. Innovative, effective healthcare isthe policy goal.

Human Resources

Human Resources Policy Group promotes active employment policies and standards, drawing on global best practice. As a platform for dialogue between BPCC members and the public sector, its meetings often include representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, local labour offices, regulators and other officials. The group also focuses on vocational education, soft-skills coaching, leadership, assessment and staff retention.


Tech Policy Group addresses new developments and regulatory issues affecting firms across all sectors touched by technology – intellectual property, cloud computing, blockchain, e-marketing, the Digital Single Market, data protection – and considers future trends.

Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing Industries Policy Group is a platform for sharing best practice and discussing issues common to all manufacturers, such as energy costs, environmental protection, automation, supply chain and skills. Meetings take place in members’ factories.

Public Procurement & Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

Public Procurement & Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Policy Group engages with government, parliament and local authorities to discuss private-sector delivery of public infrastructure. UK experience offers lessons from which Poland can learn. The group also discusses regulation and best practice regarding publicsector tenders.