Businesses should not be particularly helped, but above all they should not be hindered – these words best reflect an approach to business that is based on deregulation, partnership and dialogue. Representatives of the BPCC Public Affairs group had the opportunity to discuss this with Dr Mariusz Filipek, plenipotentiary for deregulation and economic dialogue at the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, at a meeting on 3 April 2024.

The group heard that the development and technology minister, Krzysztof Hetman, is serious about involving business in the legislative process, which is evidenced by the appointment of a plenipotentiary, the establishment of a deregulation team and the preparation of the first deregulation package, which will soon be on the agenda of the Council of Ministers.

Work is also under way on the second deregulation package, which will focus on the removal of barriers to business. One of the priorities is a sufficiently long grace period (vacatio legis) to allow businesses to prepare adequately for the entry into force of new regulations. In the case of laws affecting businesses, the grace period will be at least six months, unless the business community itself advocates a shorter period in the consultations.

These plans coincide with the priorities expressed by Aneta Jóźwicka, president of the BPCC board. The members of the chamber are particularly interested in the possibility of real participation in the consultations, the predictability of the laws being drafted and a secure environment that will open the way for new investments.

We would like to thank the Dr Filipek for his openness to our general proposals, as well as to individual companies for their requests made at the meeting on behalf of the Public Affairs Group. We are pleased that the business community has gained a partner with a high degree of sensitivity to issues that hold back business, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the spirit of a partnership dialogue to create a business-friendly regulatory environment.