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2021-07-17, 10:00

Open Day Event - Coventry University

We would like to invite you to our Open Day on Saturday, 17 July 2021. We’re opening our doors to let people learn more about studying a UK degree in Poland. British education is internationally respected, valued by business professionals, and enduringly popular among young students and we are continuing with our mission to provide the opportunity for students to get a well-recognized degree awarded by a university that has been shortlisted for University of the Year - Times University Guide 2021.

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2022-05-25, 10:00

MDDP on Polish Taxes I Tax allowances and exemptions

In 2022 new and refreshed CIT incentives were introduced. Nowadays taxpayers can benefit from different deductions while developing their business, starting from the concept through test production ending with the promotion focused on sales increase. Additional support for acquisitions is also possible. Those who consider new investments may ask for a CIT exemption in return for their expenses.

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2022-06-29, 10:00

MDDP on Polish Taxes I Real estate companies – the reporting deadline is approaching

The real estate companies and their shareholders are obliged to report their shareholding structures to the tax authorities in Poland.  The provisions are new and give rise to number of doubts regarding: obliged entities, scope and form of the reporting. In our webinar, we will provide practical insights on this matter. For most companies first reporting deadline falls on 30 September 2022.

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2022-09-20, 10:00

Drogowskazy dla podatników: jak obrać właściwy kierunek w 2022 r.? | Webinarium Dentons

Kancelaria Dentons zaprasza na spotkanie biznesowe „Drogowskazy dla podatników: o czym warto pamiętać przed końcem 2022 roku?”.

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Commercial Law Newsletter

SummaryOn 9 June 2011 Sejm has passed the Act amending the act – Criminal Code and other acts, that provide, among the others, repeal of Article 585 of the Commercial Companies Code providing for criminal liability for acting to the detriment of a company.

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L’Oréal –v- eBay– Clash of the Titans

SummaryThe long-awaited decision of the European Court in the L’Oréal –v- eBay was issued on July 12th 2011.

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Poland - European arbitration centre?

SummaryThe steady increase of the popularity of arbitration as an effective method for dispute resolution is one of the most vivid global trends in international economic and legal transactions.

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2020-09-21, 00:00

Polska szósta w Europie pod względem najbardziej skomplikowanych przepisów i regulacji dla biznesu

Sposób, w jaki Polska określa zasady i tworzy przepisy dotyczące prowadzenia biznesu, plasuje kraj na 6. miejscu w Europie i 24. na świecie. Takie wnioski płyną z najnowszego raportu przygotowanego przez TMF Group, globalną firmę świadczącą usługi biznesowe dla firm działających lokalnie i międzynarodowo. Najwięcej barier w Europie w tym zakresie napotykają przedsiębiorcy we Francji, najmniej w Holandii.

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2022-02-28, 00:00

Residing and working in Poland (Guide for citizens of Ukraine)

Wardyński & Partner has prepared a guide explaining the possibilities of entry, legalization of work and legalization of stay of Ukrainian citizens in Poland. It also covers the rules for bringing their families to Poland. The guide has been prepared by Magdalena Świtajska, partner in the firm’s Employment and Global Mobility practice.

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