The latest moulding solutions and extruders, as well as cutting-edge technologies that employ PF’s cutting-edge raw materials and services from around the world, are responding to the challenges of the plastics and rubber processing industry. 21 to 24 May at Targi Kielce. It is worth registering for Plastpol now and learning about revolutionary solutions showcased at the expo.

Plastpol Expo is the Central and Eastern Europe’s most prominent event for plastics processing industry.  – Six hundred companies from 30 countries from all corners of the world, primarily from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, present impressive solutions for the industry;  – says Kamil Perz, director of the Plastpol project at Targi Kielce. Visitors will see thousands of machines, primarily high-technology injection molding machines which use granulates, extruders, entire production lines, production management systems, and plastic recycling devices, working live. The seven expo halls of Targi Kielce turn into a gigantic working factory again. The raw materials, granulates and recyclates offer is really impressive. Companies offer professional services in distribution, logistics, and transport.

– Energy efficiency is a priority;  hence, so many new solutions presented at Plastpol meet the need to minimise electricity consumption. These solutions also contribute to the pursuit of sustainable development – highlights Kamil Perz.

Product launches and market novelties showcased in Kielce.

Wittmann Battenfeld will show its latest EcoPower DC injection moulding machine together with the WX142 DC robot, DC ppowered. Solution that uses eco-friendly energy, for example from, photovoltaic cell-generated, will also be presented. The Wittmann Battenfeld expo stand is the showcase for the PRIMUS series robot with the latest R9 control; the expo is the Polish premiere of the system.

Arburg is preparing its European premiere at the Plastpol expo –  the Allrounder 720 E Golden Electric electric injection molding machine will be unveiled at Plastpol. Live working hybrid ALLROUNDER 470 H COMFORT injection moulding machine produces 0.5-litre beer mugs in a cycle lasting 31 seconds.

Another company also enjoys a strong position on the global market – Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, will present innovative technology of energy efficiency and precision plastics processing –  an energy-saving, comprehensive production cell based on a fully electric injection molding machine – the IntElect2 180/570-250 series.

TMA Automation will also present its latest device –  visitors can see the new insert overmolding robot combined with IML and assembly at the Engel Polska expo stand. Engel’s offer includes the latest generation of WINTEC machines and among them the t-win model, a servo-hydraulic double-plate machine – the design is based on the company’s many years of experience in the industry and is aimed at maximising the efficiency and reliability of injection production.

One of the largest Plastpol expo stands is put up by Muehsam with GM Color. The new products galore include depalletisers and electric machines. Wadim Plast and Dopak will present innovative solutions abundance.

The latest granulates and recyclates presented in Targi Kielce

Companies offering raw materials for processing, such as polyethene and polypropylene granulates, dyes, and recyclates mark an important place at Targi Kielce;  this group of exhibitors includes Polish companies with a wide offer. There are  Azoty and Anwil to name a few. A new product in the ML Polyolefins offer – the standardised series of TECHFIN polypropylene recyclates, available in black and gray, with the possibility of modifying up to 30 MFI. Importantly, advanced production technology, homogenisation and degassing processes result in the material repeatability and stability of technical parameters. Another company, Permedia, presents PFAS-free additives for plastics processing that do not contain per- and polyfluorinated compounds and siloxanes. Polimarky celebrates its 40th anniversary during Plastpol;  the company deals with compounding, providing materials to clients from various industries in Poland and Europe.

European and world distribution leaders are present at the Kielce expo, and  among them there are  Brenntag – the supplier of a full range of raw materials, additives and a range of complementary services, Bedeko Europe – manufacturer and distributor of components, Nexeo Plastics – distributor of thermoplastic resins and mixtures.

Knowledge, conferences, and discussions at the Plastpol

The exhibition of the industry-targeted offer is complemented by conferences addressing most topical issues. Targi Kielce, in cooperation with the website hold the PLASTECH INFO Technical Seminar under the banner of “Monitoring and optimisation of process parameters in plastics processing technologies”. The PlasticsEurope Polska Foundation opens the expo with the conference on “Plastics Industry in Poland and Europe”. Experts will present current data related to the current situation of the Polish plastics industry on the whole European backdrop. The latest industry reports and data from the Central Statistical Office are presented. The Foundation also prepares the “The Plastics Transition” exhibition, in line with the “How will the plastics system in Europe change by 2050?” notion. Another invaluable industry meeting at Targi Kielce’s Plastpol is held under the banner of “Sustainable approach to green transformation in polymer materials”.

It’s time to register and join the show!

– It is worth being with us from 21 to 24 May at Targi Kielce and learning about the industry’s challenges – invites Kamil Perz. The Plastpol International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing  – it is worth registering at and purchasing a ticket to take part in the show.

The Plastpol expo – 21 to 24 May 2024 at Targi Kielce. All information and registration options for exhibitors available at