On 22 March 2024, the BPCC organised an unusual and fascinating event at Wrocław Airport, where attendees had the chance to learn about the latest trends in tourism and about the innovations that are shaping the future of travel. The meeting commenced with a presentation by Aleksandra Palka from Bissole Business Travel, who presented a report on tourism and business-travel trends for this year, encompassing new phenomena such as music events, wellness, sustainable travel, and the use of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT. Following that, Frantisek Siling from Air France-KLM Poland showcased an innovative approach to sustainable aviation, discussing CO2 emission-issues related to flying, methods of reduction, and ecologically sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Tatsiana Andrushka, director of development at Wrocław Airport, then provided information about the airport as a regional transport hub and its future development plans, including new investments and routes based on passenger preferences, as well as discussing the differences between regional airports and capitals.

After the presentations, a networking session took place, and participants had the opportunity to tour the airport from behind the scenes, where they could see the loading zone and learn about the baggage sorting and cargo-loading processes. The event at Wrocław Airport provided BPCC members with an excellent opportunity to see at first hand the future of travel as it is unfolding, and witness the innovations in the industry that are shaping the future of travel.