The 21st century is a time when we are paying increasing attention to ecology and taking care of our environment. We all want to live frugally; trying to reduce our use of electricity, waste production, or carbon dioxide emissions.

At Sonte, we make every effort to contribute to the fight for environmental protection.

We strive to use 100% of the material during production to avoid filling up waste containers. The upcycling idea has been with us from the beginning – whenever possible, we give second, third (and sometimes more) life to the materials we work with. Our cardboard boxes, in which your samples arrive, are made from recycled materials.

At Sonte, we believe that our approach to environmental issues makes sense, and we try to ‘infect’ others with it. As for the product itself, thanks to its properties, our film allows users to reduce electricity consumption and therefore costs.

We also offer the possibility of revolutionary privacy management – a crucial element in everyone’s life in these days of data protection. Sonte film provides privacy wherever it is needed in a glass space. Facade windows, through which unfiltered light enters during hot weather, heat up the workplace, which always decreases in efficiency.

You can tackle the issues of privacy and heat in an outdated way by using blinds or curtains.

However, but these will not solve the problem. We know very well what eight hours spent in an air-conditioned room look like – a sore throat and blocked sinuses, cold symptoms in the middle of summer…

Modern privacy management is a basic but not the only function of Sonte. An enormous advantage of the film is that it blocks 99% of ultraviolet light, which ensures effective protection for the health of your employees. In addition, by blocking up to 95% of infrared radiation prevents rooms from heating up on sunny days, which translates into a reduction in the use of air conditioning. By using remote control, you can provide yourself with a pleasant shade on hot days in a fraction of a second.

The film works on a voltage of 45V, subject to the General Product Safety Directive – the safest standard on the market! It also means minimal energy consumption – incomparable with the amount of electricity consumed by an air conditioner working all day.

Architects, contractors and subcontractors using normal glass in their projects by default overlook the limitations of this material, such as the rapid heating of rooms or the need to use blinds to achieve privacy when it suddenly becomes necessary.

By meeting the challenges, we help our customers solve these problems by providing privacy and a pleasant temperature during the summer heat.

And by reducing the work of devices such as fans or air conditioners, we have a real impact on reducing the carbon footprint.

This is the time of revolution; a fundamental change in the way we think about our planet, our use of energy, our impact on the environment. Sonte offers a solution that’s in keeping with the spirit of our times. A revolution is needed in the way we think about climate change, and what we should be doing to address this global crisis. It’s in our thoughts that everything begins; awareness is most important, and how we change our perception of environmental protection issues will help us at least a little to influence how we live – and how our children and grandchildren will live.

Drops of water erode the rock. Let’s educate not only the youngest but also entire communities before it’s too late! Our planet will manage; after all, it has survived several mass extinction events. But will we?