Aneta Jóźwicka, BPCC Chairwoman and  Paweł Siwecki,  BPCC CEO


Dear Members and Readers,

We are now only days away before our 30th anniversary year comes to an end, so It’s time to reflect on the highlights that marked the anniversary. Firstly, we’re grateful for your participation in the events and activities across all regions in which the BPCC is active. The grand finale was of course the Gala Dinner on 13 October which was a night to remember. This autumn our new website was launch with an up-to-date design, easier navigation and a user-friendly members’ catalogue. We’ve championed our  social media channels with the new look of Contact Magazine Online in this very edition.  Finally, the new board elected in this year’s Annual General Meeting and is working on the new, post-pandemic chapter for 2023. So what’s to be done? Firstly, we want to strengthen our public affairs engagement with the members and structure that work around investor’s needs and channel that to the regulators. We also want to build up BPCC’s recognition on several key themes and you will have your voice on that through January 2023 membership survey. Based on that input we can adjust our activities to your preferences.  Working closely with our current members, stakeholders and thorough new partnership we want to expand the network and grow the membership base. This will be based around B2B activities and sectors we work on; through closer regional cooperation, investors missions and already mentioned public affairs or B2G (business to government).  

24 February 2022 was a date that brought back the horrors of war to Europe and again our members have responded fantastically by supporting Ukrainian refugees. We will continue our charity efforts and support publicity of the rebuilding process that often our members and stakeholders initiate. This should be an ongoing discussion and we’ll keep you posted on developments that we lead or partner on.

As a self-funding non-governmental organisation, we are grateful for your continuing support. We value your voice and opinion which will help us to achieve our set goals. Please remember it’s your chamber and our existence is based on your needs that we strive to transform in to our date-to-date work. Together we can create a new chapter that binds 30 years of experience with modern solutions that businesses require in the ever-changing world.   

We hope you will find joy and consolation this Christmas and we hope that peace will finally settle in the New Year.

Best regards,

Aneta Jóźwicka & Paweł Siwecki
BPCC Chairwoman and BPCC CEO