Pierwsza Dzielnica, a new residential investment by TDJ Estate, designed by the Medusa Group, an architectural studio valued in Poland and worldwide, is being built in the area of Góreckiego and Dobrowolski streets in Katowice. The estate’s location in the heart of the city, near the Culture Zone, provides excellent access to communication and full commercial, service, and public infrastructure. In the first stage of the investment, in garages, on an area of almost 8,000 m2, Deckshield resin parking floors by Flowcrete, a leading expert in this field, were applied.

 The Pierwsza Dzielnica housing estate is being built in the centre of Katowice, in the vicinity of the outstanding Culture Zone – Spodek, the International Congress Centre, the seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR), and the Silesian Museum. The investment is being developed in stages. The first stage, in which three 12-storey towers were built, offering a total of 265 flats and apartments, has already been completed. Work is currently underway on the second stage, which comprises two 16-storey buildings with 256 apartments. Ultimately, the estate will include nine high-rise buildings, around which green recreational spaces will be created. The open form of the investment will be conducive to its integration with the Culture Zone and the Bogucice district.

This unique residential project is distinguished by high-quality architecture and designer-designed and attractively finished common areas, e.g. corridors, halls, and elevators marked with a visual identification system prepared by the Medusa Group studio. In the first stage of the investment, covering buildings A, B, and C, Deckshield polyurethane and quartz resin floors were applied in the two-level underground car park, stairwells, and technical rooms, covering a total area of approximately 8,000 m2.

 In the two-storey underground car park for 292 vehicles, which also includes a charging station for electric cars, the parking spaces and roadways resin floors in Mid Grey colour were applied with white and red horizontal markings. The white numbers of parking spaces are distinguished by a background in the form of circles painted with red resin, consistent with the visual identification system used in the buildings.

In the technical rooms, elevator halls, and staircases – on the landings and nosings of the stairs, floors in a dark grey shade of Dark Grey were used. Their colours refer to elements such as door and lift door and lift fittings, and monochromatic murals painted with black paint, referring to the history of the place where the mine used to operate.

The flexible and waterproof Deckshield parking floor system is well suited for this type of application due to its properties such as durability and mechanical strength, including abrasion resistance, ease of cleaning, and a non-slip surface that increases the safety of people moving on it.

The car parks in the Pierwsza Dzielnica, for the convenience of residents, have been located under the buildings and are directly connected to the communication cores (elevators and stairs). Hiding the parking functions on the underground floors allowed for the creation of a recreation zone around the buildings, which consists of green, peaceful spaces. In the underground garage hall, we used functional and aesthetic Deckshield floors in a light colour to optically illuminate it, while dark-coloured resins, made in communication routes, contrast with the walls left in architectural concrete,” – said Maciej Zawadzki, Technical Director at TDJ Estate.

Deckshield is a parking floor based on solvent-free polyurethane resins and quartz sand. Their primary role is to protect the concrete base against external factors. They are mechanically resistant to intensive vehicle traffic, and at the same time have chemical resistance appropriate to the conditions of use, e.g. on substances contained in fuels and other car operating fluids, on battery acid, and de-icing salt residues. An important feature of these systems is high flexibility and thus – the ability to bridge possible microcracks in the concrete substrate.

 Deckshield resin floors in the first stage of the Pierwsza Dzielnica estate were applied by EUROMAT POLSKA Sp. z o. o. Sp. K. from Oświęcim, Flowcrete Authorized Contractor.


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