Hexonic, one of the world leaders in the design and production of solutions for ​​heat exchange in industrial installations and those used by individual customers, has launched a new production hall in Nowy Dwór Gdański. In the recently commissioned facility, on an area of ​​over 3,700 m2, Peran STB epoxy-quartz floors by Flowcrete, a leading expert in this field, were applied.

Hexonic has been developing and designing high-quality products and solutions based on effective heat transfer for over 30 years. The innovative heat exchangers designed and manufactured by the company allow their users to save time and costs and have a positive impact on the natural environment. The company is developing not only in the Polish market but also in foreign markets, including the Czech Republic, Canada, and the United States.

The headquarters and production plant of Hexonic are located in Nowy Dwór Gdański. Due to the development of its business activity, the company built another, new hall, where the production of heat exchange systems, including large-sized elements used in industrial installations, takes place. In the recently commissioned facility, on an area of over 3,700 m2, a mechanically troweled epoxy-quartz floor system Peran STB Compact was applied, in Light Grey 7002 colour, in the original technology created by Flowcrete.

Peran STB Compact is a durable floor based on clear epoxy resin and coloured quartz sand. This system, intended mainly for industrial applications, features high mechanical strength, including very good resistance to scratches, impacts, and abrasion (class AR0.5 according to the result in the test carried out following the PN-EN 13892-4 standard). The floor is also chemically resistant.

The Peran STB floor application technology gives the possibility of obtaining various textures, adapted to individual conditions of use and requirements regarding the degree of anti-slip. The mixtures of sand dyed in different colours used in these resin coatings give an attractive visual effect. Peran STB Compact system, made in the technology of mechanical troweling, is available in 20 standard colours. It is also possible to create unique mixtures of coloured sand on request.

 In our new production hall, due to the heavy loads resulting from the production and storage of heat exchangers and other devices of large dimensions and weight, it was necessary to use a floor with the highest abrasion resistance. We chose the Peran STB system because of its mechanical strength. In addition, the coating in a light colour makes the interior of a typical industrial character gain a modern look, corresponding to the image of our brand – said Wojciech Zygmunt, Operation Director at Hexonic.

 In addition to the Peran STB Compact floors applied in the production hall, in the Hexonic server rooms, an epoxy-quartz flooring system made in the trowelled technology, with anti-electrostatic properties – Peran ESD STB Compact was also applied.

Resin floors in the new Hexonic production hall were installed by INTER-FLOOR Posadzki żywiczne from Ścinawa, Flowcrete Authorized Contractor.


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