Seamor International Ltd. has been operating on the market for over 25 years and specializes in trade in frozen and fresh fish, and also fish processing. Recently, the company has expanded its production plant, located at ul. Granitowa 22 in Szczecin. In the new hall, over an area of ​​over 1,000 m2, Flowfresh antimicrobial cementitious polyurethane floors by Flowcrete, a leading expert in this technology, were applied.

In its activity, Seamor is guided by such values ​​as health and tradition. The company offers high-quality fresh, frozen, and smoked fish, as well as seafood, with 99% of them being wild, non-farmed species, i.e. not treated with pharmaceuticals or feed additives. The company uses only natural smoking technology based on the traditional method of brining and smoking with natural beech wood chips, excluding artificial preservatives, chemical flavour enhancers, and liquid smoke concentrates.

The HACCP system and the international food safety standard IFS have been implemented in the Seamor production plant. The company mainly produces smoked fish there, such as mackerel, herring, salmon, tuna, treval, redfish, eel, whitefish, halibut, grenadier, cod, haddock and shrimp, depending on the type of fish in various forms, including carcasses, whole fish, fillets, cuts, strips, skewers, and tenderloins.

Due to the development of its activity, Seamor has recently expanded its fish processing plant. In the new hall, on an area of ​​over 1,000 m2, a specialist, antimicrobial Flowfresh SR resin floor was made, intended for use in the food industry, in wet areas. In the production rooms, the investor decided on an ochre-coloured floor system, while in the communication corridors – in red.

Flowfresh SR is a system proven in several hundred implementations in fish plants around the world. This modern floor is made based on polyurethane resins and carefully selected aggregates and cement. It contains Polygiene® – an antibacterial additive based on silver ions, which reduces the number of bacteria on its surface by up to 99%, and the addition of quartz sand gives it anti-slip properties to prevent slips and falls of people moving on it.

We were convinced to use Flowfresh floors in our new production hall by the reference list of facilities from our industry and the prestigious certificate of the HACCP International organization. We wanted a system that would be durable and resistant in intensive operating conditions typical for fish processing and at the same time easy to keep clean. The seamless resin floor made in our factory, integrated with the point drainage system and tightly connected to the coves at the junction with the wall systems, fulfils its function well” – said Paweł Wręga, vice-president of Seamor International Ltd.

Typical loads for floors in fish factories include the intensive traffic of carts transporting products and foot traffic, contact with organic substances, such as natural animal fats, and intensive cleaning methods using hot water or steam under pressure. Flowfresh SR floors in Seamor’s fish processing plant were made in a thickness of 6 mm, which ensures mechanical, chemical, and thermal resistance appropriate to the conditions prevailing in this type of facility.

The general contractor for the expansion of the Seamor fish processing plant in Szczecin was PTB NICKEL Sp. z o. o. Oddział Zachodniopomorski. CHEMEX SYSTEM Sp. z o. o. sp.k. from Piła, Flowcrete authorized contractor, was responsible for the application of Flowfresh SR resin floors.


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