A new multi-storey car park, built in the vicinity of the City Hall in Bydgoszcz at ul. Grudziądzka, was partially opened in July this year. 270 parking spaces in the paid parking zone are already available to drivers. Preparations are underway for the opening of the rest – part of the Park & Ride system. Flowcrete’s fast-curing Deckshield Rapide resin flooring was installed on the five above-ground levels of this 6-storey building.

The multi-storey car park at ul. Grudziądzka in Bydgoszcz was developed by the Bydgoszcz City Hall, and the general contractor was Budimex. The investment worth PLN 40 million was co-financed from EU funds as part of the ITI tool (Integrated Territorial Investments). The city obtained 11.2 million zlotys of external support for this task.

The building is distinguished by modern architecture. It envisages, inter alia, green walls on which creepers will grow. Ultimately, the car park located adjacent to the City Hall will accommodate 570 cars. The facility also includes two electric vehicle charging stations and parking spaces for motorcycles and bicycles.

On five levels of the car park located above the ground floor, from +1 to +5, including an open space on the roof, and on the ramps, a fast-setting flooring system based on MMA resin (methyl methacrylate) –

Deckshield Rapide was used. At all levels of the car park, the parking spaces are marked in red, and passageways are in grey with white horizontal markings.

The use of systems from the Deckshield Rapide group allows for a short implementation time because these floors are fully hardened after 3 hours, which allows for the application of a whole system in the so-called “weather window”, that is, during an aura that meets the appropriate humidity and thermal requirements. In addition, these coatings help to reduce noise related to vehicle traffic and, thanks to the rough surface, prevent slipping. They are also characterized by increased colour resistance to UV radiation, which is particularly important in garages with car parks on the top, open floors, and where the other above-ground floors have openwork walls.

When choosing a flooring solution, we made sure that it was a material adapted to Polish weather conditions, which is very important for resin floors made in an open and unroofed facility. It was crucial for us that the floor was durable, non-slip and allowed for clear marking of the direction of movement, and at the same time retained its aesthetic appearance in conditions of intensive use,” – said Tomasz Okoński, spokesman for the Municipal Roads and Public Transport Authority in Bydgoszcz.

On the intermediate levels of the garage at ul. Grudziądzka in Bydgoszcz, the Deckshield Rapide ID floor was applied. And on the roofed ramps – Deckshield Rapide ID Ramp system, designed for high-traffic areas, which has increased mechanical strength and an increased degree of anti-slip surface.

On the top, open floor, the Deckshield Rapide ED1 coating was applied, additionally containing a layer of a flexible membrane with an increased ability to bridge cracks in the substrate. On the unroofed external ramps, a floor with a membrane was also made, intended for areas with very high traffic, i.e. Deckshield Rapide ED1 Ramp.

In the case of the highest floor of the car park, due to the work of the floor slab under the influence of, inter alia, vehicle traffic and large temperature changes, normal scratches may appear in the concrete substrate. Parking coatings are designed to protect the substrate, including structural elements of the building, against damage caused by external factors, like rainwater and other substances present on the parking lot surface, from penetrating deep into the ceiling slab. For this reason, in this zone, flooring systems from the Deckshield Rapide group were used with a layer of a flexible membrane, with a high ability to bridge cracks in the substrate,” – said Krzysztof Lewandowski, Area Sales Manager Flowcrete & Vandex at Tremco CPG Poland.

Deckshield Rapide floors are specialized solutions for garages and parking lots, made of fast-setting methacrylic resins (MMA) and quartz sand. In addition to a very short curing time and resistance to UV radiation, they have high mechanical strength, including abrasion, making them suitable for areas subject to intense vehicle traffic. They are also chemically resistant, also against substances contained in fuels, vehicle operating fluids and de-icing salts. With the content of quartz sand, they create a non-slip surface, increasing the safety of parking lot users. They are available in many colours, which allows for clear marking of parking spaces and traffic organization.

Deckshield Rapide floors in the car park at ul. Grudziądzka in Bydgoszcz were made by Hydromax, an Authorized Flowcrete Contractor.


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