Dear Partners and Friends,

Although the echoes of the war in Ukraine reach us with less and less force, the conflict continues, just beyond our borders. We must not forget that the suffering and horror experienced by our Partners from Ukraine has not diminished at all – on the contrary – with the passage of time, mental and physical fatigue is increasing, both among the combatants and the civilian population. That is why it is so important that we also do not succumb to the so-called “topic fatigue”.

After the success of the joint action warM Ukraine (the campaign report is available here – thank you for your support!), the bilateral chambers associated in IGCC decided to join forces once again and support the project of building shelters for civilians in the Sumy, Kharkiv and other regions in the frontline areas.

108 shelters for civilians are being organized by Unity&Strength Foundation. The project, named “Life Corner” is being implemented in the villages of Kucherivka, Synkivka , Podolia and many others. This is a region heavily affected by warfare. There is no electricity, gas or water there. Water is available only in places where there are wells.

The shelters will be equipped with supplies necessary for the survival of the civilian population, including: long-term food, water, hygienics, small generators etc.

Thanks to the cooperation and trust built over the last 12 months, the Forum Foundation and the Swiss Chamber are working with a partner in the Netherlands, who proposed to send 52 generators with a capacity of 5.5 kW to the region, without receiving payment in advance. The generators have been already transported to Ukraine and distributed to the shelters. The transport was possible thanks to the generosity of Fracht FWO Poland and thanks to Koper Pomaga Foundation. The Forum Foundation undertook to make every effort to cover the costs of the generators as well as to obtain funds for the purchase of other necessary equipment for the shelters.

Chambers associated in IGCC wish to support this project and encourage you to financially support the collection. The donation can be made directly through the collection on the portal (LINK TO THE FUNDRISER) or on the basis of a donation agreement with the Forum foundation. Companies interested in a donation agreement are welcome to contact us at: