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09 March 2023


10:00 - 12:30



Media partner (Re)Build (New) Ukraine | Completing projects in Ukraine during the first year of the war – case studies

Ukrainian business in the new reality – war brings challenges, victory brings opportunities

The first whole year of the new reality in Ukraine is behind us. A year ago, in the morning of 24th of February everyone woke up with a fear that normal life may be over for good, with only uncertainty and danger ahead.

That time was full of fear, dreams of returning to peace and normality, worries for families and friends, memories of grandparents talking about war as the greatest evil. Since then many innocent people have died, and their homes and infrastructure have also been destroyed.

The current situation of the Ukrainian economy and market

Ukrainian business survives notwithstanding the loss of 30% of the country’s economy, with over five million having lost their jobs, over six million having fled the country and living abroad, with ten million in total displaced, 75% of energy infrastructure damaged and regularly malfunctioning, and total damages amounting to around 750 billion USD, amidst constant bombing and massive mobilization of men.

But with small steps taken every day, Ukrainian business has gradually achieved big results. 80% of companies have to a certain extent returned to operations and look confidently into the future. Many individuals have started new companies and business activities, and a number of companies have reallocated from east to a safer west.

The topic of reconstruction of Ukraine is mobilising thousands of businesses worldwide. And victory will come for sure!

Case studies of successful projects in war-time Ukraine

Let’s talk about business. Join us for a panel discussion where we will talk about real business case studies. We know what and where are the business opportunities and tenders in Ukraine. So, now is the time to discuss concrete projects that foreign companies have completed or are doing in this country.

We have supported Ukraine from the first days of the war, and will continue doing so until the moment, and during its reconstruction. The war has brought many challenges but victory will bring many opportunities.

If there is a project or investment to be undertaken in Ukraine we are the ideal address for conducting it.

Discussion Topics

  • Ukrainian total losses for the year in the war (by sector and industry)
  • Present and future needs of Ukraine: promising business sectors
  • Current challenges and solutions: mobilization of workers, electricity shortages, migration, missile air alarms, etc.
  • Examples of solutions: case studies on how business adapts to wartime
  • International tenders for reconstruction of Ukraine
  • Insurance and financing opportunities for Polish business
  • Successful case studies – doing business and investing in Ukraine in war-time


  • Embassy of Ukraine to Poland (TBC)
  • Dariusz Szymczycha, Vice-President, the Polish Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce (TBC)
  • Mariana Lutsyszyn, West-Ukrainian Regional Manager, the European Business Association (the most influential Ukrainian business association uniting over 1000 foreign and domestic companies in Ukraine)
  • Sergij Tsivkach, CEO, InvestUkraine (the Ukrainian government investment promotion center responsible for attracting foreign direct investment and assist existing investors to expand their businesses in Ukraine (TBC)
  • Taras Yurynts, General Manager, Guldmann-Ukraine (a Danish company operating in Ukraine specializing in development, manufacture, and sales of welfare technology for people with reduced capabilities, and work tools for those who help and care for them)
  • Borys Shestopalov, Co-owner, HD Group / GFS (a group of companies in the agrifood sector. A leading manufacturer and supplier of “Ready Meals” and “Food-to-Go”, also offering integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry, under the influence of scientific and technological progress.) – (TBC)
  • KUKE (the official export credit agency, delivering trade insurance and trade financing, solutions in the form of credit insurance, as well as guarantees or factoring to provide liquidity and funds for investments worldwide) – (TBC)
  • Jakub Krysa, Partner, Head of the Public Procurement Practice, Kochański & Partners


Dr hab Markiyan Malskyy, Head of the Ukrainian Desk, Kochański and Partners

Who should attend

Representatives of the construction, infrastructure, energy, technology, production and other sectors. Companies wishing to do business in Ukraine or with Ukrainian partners, or participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine, including international tenders and interested in general business support of Ukraine.

Participation in the event is free of charge, following registration and application acceptance. The organiser reserves the right to refuse applications and to cancel the event.

The event may be attended either in person or online.

The number of participants is limited – first come, first served.

A link to the online broadcast will be sent to participants the day before the event.


Hourly Schedule


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Welcome and introduction
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Panel discussion
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