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13 October 2022


08:00 - 17:00



Media partner Fight financial crime thanks to the knowledge gained at FinCrime & Surveillance Summit 2022

The second edition of the FinCrime & Surveillance Summit conference will take place on 13th October. The event brings together experts who fight criminals and stop them from using the financial system to commit the most harmful crimes of the modern world: from human and drug trafficking to terrorism and corruption.

FinCrime & Surveillance Summit is a full-day online event, and access to the live stream is completely free. The quality of this unique conference and its high professional level are supervised by a group of experts from Standard Chartered.

The speakers are representatives of market institutions – primarily specialists in the areas of compliance and AML. They will share their international experience, presenting the latest trends.

Speakers from around the world and hands-on presentations

This year, as many as 11 experts in the field of combating complex criminal networks and financial fraud will appear on the FinCrime & Surveillance Summit stage. On 13 October , they will hold their presentations, including:

  • Stevenson MunroLessons in Sanctions Compliance in an Increasingly Complex World
  • Stuart ChristmasArtificial Intelligence vs. Risk-based Rules for fighting financial crime
  • Andrew WigstonFCA view on key trends that are shaping the financial crime compliance or the recent FCA enforcement actions and predictions for 2023
  • Vijay GopaladesikanChallenges in Sanctions screening from Data Analytics perspective
  • Erin O’Loughlin & Brian Svoboda KindleHow to Detect Crypto Transactions w/in Your Institutions

All lectures will be held in English. Download the FinCrime & Surveillance Summit 2022 agenda.

Broaden your knowledge absolutely for free!

Registration for the conference is still open. All information about the event and the registration form can be found on FinCrime & Surveillance Summit dedicated website.

More information about FinCrime & Surveillance Summit can be also found on LinkedIn and Facebook.