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24 August 2023


09:30 - 10:30



Media partner Dealing with Difficult Communicators with Aplomb

The London School of English previously offered a round of classes for those working in HR, with the aim of optimising your English language skills and meeting like-minded individuals and showcasing our proven nuanced approach, which improves your communication with colleagues, clients and senior management. Due to the success and continuing demand for our classes, we have decided to expand the reach to anyone interested. Therefore, if you would like to learn some of the intricacies, nuances and niceties involved in international communication in the workplace, feel free to join some, or any, of the classes below:

Dealing with Difficult Communicators with Aplomb

In the world of work we do not have much power over with whom we communicate, necessitating the development of skills which allow for the smooth navigation of potentially perilous communication with difficult communicators. Those who attend this workshop will master different ways to deal with challenging communication styles; as well as a range of techniques and phrases for keeping meetings track.

  • 31/08/23 – Disagreeing: The Art of Polite Refusal
  • 07/09/23 – Précis in E-mail… The Etiquette of Getting to the Point